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As we all know, new projects are being added to the crypto market day by day. Now there are over 2500 crypto money in the market and continue to increase with new icos. Previously, crypto investors had long-term projects and would benefit from them. Nowadays, users who see the unusual declines in the crypto markets are no longer able to look at the crypto markets in the long term. The reasons for these are the decrease in the amount of money in their hands and the permanent loss with time decreases.

Some crypto exchanges have moved to the staking model, especially for investors to keep long term coins. This staking model is that users who lock tokens in their wallets will be able to gain money during the time they hold these coins. Most of the time, the low roi's give a negative impact on the market. Apart from these, you are not the main owner of any projects on these exchanges. The reasons for this may be the hacking of stock exchanges in any case and the inability to reach your funds in similar circumstances.

  Advantages Of Cobo Wallet

While new wallet projects are being added to the market every day, these projects are only projects that have entered the market in order to raise more money from users. Most built-in wallets only have a system where people can store their tokens. But the expectation of the market is no longer the way people want to carry all their coins in a single wallet where everything is instead of using dozens of different wallets.

The Cobo Wallet team has designed 3 wallets that serve the different purpose by evaluating these expectations of the market. In particular, users can identify a pin during entry and take measures to prevent others from entering their wallet. Currently supporting a certain number of crypto currency systems, the platform aims to support more than 500 projects recently.

Why should I use Cobo Wallet?

  • In contrast to other wallets, Cobo Wallet followed a model where more projects could be staking than just a coin system. Users can invest in projects such as lbtc if they want to gain 1% 40 per year. With this system, which offers users completely passive benefits, people can see the value of their investments. To perform these actions, users must pass the kyc 2 system. Wallet approval is given within 24 hours of sending several documents, such as a bank document or driver's license, and users can start staking.
  • Cobo Wallet users can use the hd wallet or cloud wallet system if they wish. Hd wallet is more prepared for use by senior users. Before this wallet entry, a 12-word mnemonic block is given to the users. If users lose these phrases, they cannot access the wallets in any way. For this reason, it is a suitable wallet system for advanced users.
  • Cloud Wallet is designed for newcomers to the crypto market. In this system, users can access their accounts by entering mail and password. Users can easily access their wallet via their mail account if they forget their password. The only disadvantage of this system is that, unlike the hd wallet system, it cannot be used in places where there is no internet environment.

  • One of the biggest problems of people using crypto wallets is the errors that occur when wallet numbers are copied from one place to another. Users can go to other users' wallets if they mistakenly enter a number 1 incorrectly while trading on small phone screens. Especially in this system where the return of the transaction, such as the crypto market, is impossible, the users suffered great losses. Cobo Wallet has activated the qr code system to solve this problem. Users can scan the qr code of the address they send via the cameras of their phones and easily send them to other wallets.
  • Another advantage of the wallet is that it supports many fiat currencies. Initially, new currencies are added to the wallet that supports reserve currencies, such as the Japanese yen, the dollar and the euro. If other users of the users are references, the gift tokens come to their wallets.

Main Idea of Cobo Vault System

Cobo Vault, another project of the Cobo Wallet team, provides users with an unreachable cashier. Designed to be detachable from the battery and motherboard of this wallet that protects users from situations such as power outages and short circuits. Thanks to the material used, this wallet is waterproof and resistant to impacts.


More than just a purse to users, the project has more than one wallet system in itself. Users using these wallets.They can use for all purposes such as trading, voting, smart contract review, sending.

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Cobo Wallet | All In One Crypto Staking , Storing
Cobo Wallet | All In One Crypto Staking , Storing

The crypto world that we all know has been subjected to many attacks in the past. Many people lost all their investments because of these attacks. People are always at risk of losing their money. People couldn't even reach the funds that were lost as a r

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