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Dear Senator Bob Menéndez: I Hope For America's Sake That You Are Innocent!

By cmoneyspinner | CryptoBloglines | 26 Sep 2023

A fellow writer here published an article titled: Anti-Bitcoin Senator Bob Menéndez Accused Of Corruption: What Does This Tell Us About The Current Financial System?

I am so angry about this event. I just can't bury what I have to say in a Comments box. So I'm writing this article in order to SCREAM AND SHOUT!!


It doesn't tell me anything about the current financial system. It says a lot about our elected officials and the kind of corruption they engage in. He can call it a “political attack” and say people are trying to “smear his integrity”. But it takes a lot of work to go after a Senator who is abusing his official public position as a servant to the people. What's worse is his involved too and she's not even a political official. If it's true, I hope they go down down down!

By the way: Menedez is accused of selling state secrets to Egypt. The Egyptians are way stupid if they think they purchased anything of value. How do they know smart American intelligence agents didn't bury some “garbage” in the information that was sold? Think about it. They just publicly pointed a finger at Menendez a few days ago. That means they have been secretly monitoring his activities for years. Cases like these don't pop up overnight. It takes years to gather information and evidence before bringing it to the public.

If I were working on this investigation and knew (or suspected) he was selling stuff, I would plant “bogus info” in the files and documents. Tactics like that are used all the time for purposes of NATIONAL SECURITY! In the USA, the Confederates lost the Civil War because the opposition flooded their states with counterfeit money.

(If we fought against each other what kind of methods do you think we'd employ against a foreigner?)

I'm a US citizen and former civil servant and I often wonder WHY our politicians think they can be corrupt and get away with it!  I especially hate it when their spouses are in on it too!  We voted for him.  We didn't vote for his wife!!  Why is she all up in it??!!

  • ONE LAST THING.  Senator Menendez says he's from Cuba.  At least 2 American presidents were gracious enough to allow Cubans who wanted to flee Fidel Castro to come and start a new life in the USA.  Is this how you repay their generosity?



Senator Menendez

Adam Schiff

free speech

OK!  My rant is over.  Peace and Power to the People!

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