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By PiiJr36 | Club of Nines | 3 Aug 2021

This written world was created in 1948 – 73 years ago.

There was once a time when this book was recommended to the younger generations as a thought experiment, a reminder to remain vigilant against the evils of tyranny. As time progressed, that lesson faded out of literature classrooms until recent global events brought back murmurs of “Orwellian” rules.

Immediately there's a reference recognition, but the understanding of the horrific ideologies hidden within the title page often go unrealized.

Especially when the majority of the population that claim to enjoy reading, don't actually have the luxury to spend the time with a couple hundred pages.

That's where this series comes in; I'll go through the book and do my best to select what I find to be the important details. Although I encourage others to pick it up for themselves and point out anything I might've missed. This series will be organized into a trilogy just how the book was written and will be broken down into subjects from each sections for your convenience.

Part One will include: the world of Oceania, the telescreen, food, Big Brother and the Party, Newspeak, the Proles, propaganda, and of course - the Thought-Police. With each topic I’ll be adding commentary on how 1984 could relate to today's world.

There was nothing in this world that “was not illegal (nothing was illegal, since there were no longer any laws), but if detected it was reasonably certain that it would be punished by death, or at least by twenty-five years in a forced-labor camp.” (pg. 6)

The act that is hidden from being detected here is the simple act of journaling, which our character Winston Smith frequently endangers himself with as we follow his story.

This is the world of 1984.


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Club of Nines
Club of Nines

This will be built from a personal library where I break down books into quotes and notes where the readers can skim through and capture some of the ideas without having to do the heavy lifting. Similar to cliff notes or spark notes expect I'll be adding my own commentary. Its not meant to be a substitute but can be used as a preview, a reference or an encouragement to build your own library.

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