Scam with Confidence is Worst

By amclover | Clover's Pond | 29 Nov 2022

Most people would never want this to happen; get scammed. But, it happens, probably to some of us.

It happens just everyday. In the real and virtual world; crypto space. 

Few months back, two friends were banned from a group called Play Rewards Gaming. That was a trick to rob my friends when they asked them to give their money back. They did that because the group owner namely David aka Light Rewards tried to exit by made up excuses to disappear slowly.

david aka light rewards telegram account

picture of david aka light rewards

But then he showed back. The circus part was he confidently stated will keep paying others in the group. He simply robbed $800 USDT from my friends and made payments (another shady trick) to the group members, which would take time of 20-25 years, since payments were way less than tenth of a cent.

play rewards payment in october

Of course by this act he clearly conducts the intention to scam to reality. He definitely used my friends' money and played his trick to pay other members. It was too obvious. 

Unfortunately I have to say I felt disgusted by some members, they blamed my friends for asking for their money back. Clearly they wanted what they had invested to also be returned, by licking David's behind.

Sure, it's okay to get their money back, but still.. 

A question may appear here: why am I doing this? I trust my friends. Also because I don't trust David and some members in the group from the day I join that "investment".  That tiny group filled with two or more alt accounts of each member. I was there because I value both sides by trust and no trust. 

Trust is what people build and maintain in business, more than mostly it involves investment. But everyone knows crypto is trustless. Humans will always have a choice to trust and be trusted, or not. Contrary to machine/a system. So to me that is the reason crypto which uses blockchain is trustless. A system will always be affected by the hands taking control of the system. It doesn't matter how good the system looks, the output can always be both, either bad or good. 

I wait for a few months to post this. I have hope and being optimistic, anyone has a chance to fix any mistake. But David, he scams and confidently thinks what he did is absolutely fine. 

How much?

$800 USD can be much or nothing at all (crazy to think that amount is nothing, but you get my point). It depends. One of my two friends asked for a reversal since my friend was in need of the money for parent myoma surgery. I do know the surgery costs $1000, more less. Now my friend is in debt because the medical fund was a loan. 

Back to June 2022, the reversal my friend asked for was approved. However, David still holds the money. And so this indicates that he doesn't want to give the money back. 

another picture of david

It is make sense to delete those pictures if one comitted something unlawful. Yes, he did. Suspiciously the group goes private once and goes back to public, but inactive now, moved to a new another group; WSR Recovery.  I am sure everyone can see clearly what's wrong here. Hello confidence, are you still there?

Well, maybe. Actually there is more to concern. I see the activity is still ongoing. Now the suspicious act continues in a new group called Apple-Coin. Same owner? Most likely and yes mostly same members as Play Rewards/WSR Recovery. I definitely doubting that this is a one-man act.

apple-coin telegram group

So, David (and partners in crime) maybe love "travelling" publicly as a wanted scammer or, have a good solution by giving back the money that doesn't belong to him.

I don't hide names here, any not part of the guilty party shouldn't be a problem. 

Confidence is good. Scam is not. It's a bit overwhelming to see a scammer doing scam with confidence.

Meanwhile, this type of post will roll on social media platforms. 2023 is just a month ahead, but time keep moving and every second matters. Let's see if it will be solved in a decent way very soon.

Stay kind. Stay safe.


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