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CYFM goes DeFi on Tron Chain

By amclover | Clover's Pond | 11 Mar 2021

ETH fees are still high. ETH communities understand this well and maybe waiting for it to settle good in term of low or relatively affordable to do a transaction.

That, no exception, also affect CYFM. January this year users of CYFM app still get what they have earned from listening the audio programms; musics, podcasts, news (app now has news courtesy of United Nations).

Due to high ETH fees and the highly rising amount of users, Cyber FM takes a step since it's quite a burden to cover ETH fees during All Time High.

By February, the amount of what users have earned is sent to a "saving bank" specificly relates to their account. Any valid users can claim the token if they want to, or just keep their CYFM there for awhile. Certainly not the best decision to claim a small amount of token when fees are higher than the amount to be claimed. Not profitable, lost is more likely, for now that is.

It's not easy on the Cyber FM side and the users alike. Following of what happen, other platforms come up with something to ease the trouble, even Publish0x put an effort over this by partnering with KuCoin (we shall see in the coming week).

What about Cyber FM? Do they have other solution aside from "saving bank" as mentioned above? I am sure they have that, in fact, it's already running.



Cyber FM then moves forward by expanding to Binance and Tron chain. For the moment, I want to share about CYFM on Tron network.

Entering mid last year when ETH starts its orbit to the moon, Cyber FM shows interest for Tron chain. There isn't specific update about this until 2021 says hello and ETH fees get even higher. Cyber FM seems to have built a pre-release app and encourages users to help them to test the app and to also participate in CYFM-TRON DeFi project.

The test is to let users experience the app performance; device compatibilty, stability, earning algorithm etc. This is important, so when it gets released for wider listeners it would run smooth, (less to) no bug.

Seeing the interface, pretty much the same to the ERC20 version. The pre-release app adds the ability to switch between ERC20 and TRC20 (by putting relevant wallet address), and new tier icons for TRC20 CYFM, to show the difference of each chain. It looks like a royal badge which is cool :)

CYFM-TRON app interface

CYFM-TRON bronze tier icon

To participate the CYFM-TRON DeFi project and involving Justswap in the process, early users have to take the role as Liquidity Provider by adding equal amount of CYFM and TRON in Justswap liqudity pool. Interested participants can get more information via Cyber FM form here.

The interesting part of the CYFM-TRON DeFi, the tier which improves the amount a user would earn is no longer based on what they have in their CYFM wallet as in the ERC20. It will be based on the amount of the user's Justswap CYFM-TRON liquidity pool.

Ok, I am getting lieur here :') - I am not much of a technical person, yet this is fun.

Nearly two weeks since the app has its beta launched. The progress continues. More talks and productive arguing in the community. Cyber FM seems quite happy with the progress so I'm as one the users enjoying the ride too.

CYFM-TRX Trading Pair on Justswap


This is a personal view, not directly represents Cyber FM nor a financial advice. Kindly do more of your own researches.

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