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By amclover | Clover's Pond | 3 Mar 2021

It began with a simple question; How could there were many complains regarding Tron transactions? Yet there is only a few fair answer about it.

In November there were two hightlighted proposals on Tron chain: Proposals #48; proposed (and passed) to modify the fee of 1 bandwidth to 0.00004 TRX - and Proposal #49; proposed (ineffective) to modify current total energy limit to 900000000000.

There were only complains shouted in Tron community in Telegram and I didn't know if people aware of what really occured, but as the #49 went ineffective as 26 downvoted the proposal, then it was settled.

Then, by February, Cryptochain had this Proposal #51; it was to
• Modify the fee of 1 bandwidth to 0.00014  TRX
• Modify the fee of 1 energy to 0.00014 TRX
• Modify the upper limit of single smart contract fees to 5000  TRX

The points are, in simple words:
- Higher the fee by 3.5 times
- Thrashing low-value transactions
- Increase security
- Reduce TRX in circulation, and (which probably be the main goal is to)
- Promote the increase of TRX’s value by eventually making TRX a deflationary asset.

So in three days it was settled and and Tron community seems just chill until recent days something comes up again. The shock wave.

Does Proposal #51 sound great? Does it seem nice? Of course as Tukul always said, but one have to also notice and see what follows as it is about their his/her asset(s).

Does it feel ugly after? Oh come on, it's just a feel, can't be 100% correct, right?

Hehe, what I want to point is, development in technology, more that it's about blockchain and its decentralised idea, should be fair and open as it is raking the space of personal lives, societies; the seniors, the education of youth and new adopters of crypto.

In the end let this progress whether it's good or bad, be part of crypto, specially Tron communities in this case. Let our dear crypto fellows decide what they want, and not forget what they need.








7. Cryptochain;


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