Cloudtoken Trading Bot: Real live earning examples

By Ourone | Cloudtoken Explained | 19 Jul 2019

How much does the magical Cloudtoken trading bot pay out on a daily basis - with its AI and stuff? :)

Important question!

Cloudtoken officially promises 6%-12% per month from the trading bot. 

We tested it, and as you can see below, during our first 11 days, we made between 0.23% and 0.25% per day, which comes to a little over 7% per month, and resulted in 13.2267 CTO tokens.  


These numbers are not highly accurate because there are so many moving factors, it's impossible to make a proper manual calculation. The CTO token price went up and our investment value also went up - either because we added more money, or the price of ETH increased. 

Consider this once you're looking at your own payouts. On some days you will get more and on some days less. The reasons for that could be: 

  • Maybe you put $500 worth of ETH in the trading bot, but then the ETH price fell, which means your funds were only worth $450 anymore. Then you will only receive payouts based on $450. 
  • Maybe the value remained stable at $500 and you still got paid less than the day before - that's because the trading bot made less profit that day
  • Maybe the CTO token price inceased! That would mean you will receive less tokens for the same USD value. 

The value of CTO token fluctuates 

Well, right now it doesn't exactly fluctuate, but it goes up gradually (which is why more and more people are attracted to this project).

When we started in June, the value of the token was $0.437. Since everything is calculated in $USD, the higher the CTO price goes, the less tokens you will get.  

Example: Let’s say your daily payout is $1. At a token price of $0.437 you would receive 2.288 CTO tokens ($1 divided by $0.437).  

  • If the CTO price goes up to $0.50 you would get only 2 tokens ($1 divided by $0.50).  
  • If the CTO price goes up to $1, you would get 1 token.  
  • If the CTO price goes up to $10, you would get 0.1 token and so on.  

The benefit of starting now   

Can you see why it’s beneficial to begin earning tokens now, while the price is still super cheap? The project is only just two months old.  

Earn and collect as many tokens as you can now, and wait for their price to increase.  

The longer you wait, the fewer tokens you will receive for the same amount of money. However, all the tokens you already earned, will of course rise in value, too.  

As you can see in the spreadsheet above, we earned a little more than 13 CTO tokens in our first eleven days - for an average investment of just $250.

That's not much at today’s value (if you ignore the fact that 0.25% per day is still more than what your bank gives you for your savings per year). But if the price goes up to $1, this will be $13. If the price goes up to $10 it will be $130.  

If you have more money to invest than us, you can of course also earn a lot more. Plus, if you're a good networker/marketer/sales person, you can double or multi-fold your earnings from referral rewards, which are very attractive. See below. 

Before we address that, just one more thing - we keep calling it an investment, but when you think about it, it's actually not. You're not investing, you're just "parking" your money in the trading bot for a while. You can un-delegate and withdraw your money anytime. There is a 10% penalty if you do that in the first 30 days, but still - in case of emergency it’s good to know you have the option. 

(Of course you're also putting all your trust in Cloudtoken to keep your money safe. That's where you are taking the biggest risk.)


Double or triple your income (or more) by earning referral rewards in addition

It's important to us to emphasize again that you do NOT need to refer anyone in order to earn passive income. You can simply stick with just the trading bot and earn your daily payouts. The referral system is an optional addition. You can skip this part unless you're interested in referring your friends.

Cloudtoken pays you a matching bonus for the people you refer, which means, whatever they earn from the trading bot, you will earn, too (provided YOU and THEM both have more than $500 in the trading bot).

If the people you referred then refer a friend of theirs, you will receive 50% of that friend's earnings (again, everyone involved needs to have more than $500 in the trading bot).

If those friends then also refer new people, you will still get 5% of those earnings. 

And every person you refer yourself will open up an additional level for you. So the earning potential seems limitless...: 

  • Level 1 …. 100% (your referrals)
  • Level 2 …. 50% (your referral's referrals)
  • Level 3 …. 5% (etc.)
  • Level 4 …. 5%. (etc.)

As you know, we're personally not so interested in the referral "pyramid", since we have been conditioned to believe that "pyramid = Ponzi scheme". Of course you may feel differently and be particularly interested in this part. And we can provide you with more info once you've started. 

Fun fact 

As we’re discussing/typing this post, there are people at the table next to us dreaming about not having to work anymore and contemplating buying more lottery tickets from now on.  

Cloudtoken gives you no guarantees - it's full of risks! But the odds are definitely better than playing the lottery! :)     


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