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While you are wondering where the crypto market will go, and at the same time the other people are building on that market the Crypto Federal Reserve (The Federal Reserve System) or simply the Crypto Fed.  

BINANCE is its name! 

It’s the largest project in the crypto industry for today. In real life, the goal of any crisis is consolidation. In business, consolidation or amalgamation is the merger and acquisition of many smaller companies into a few much larger ones. In crypto industry the same - large companies absorb all and buy up all. In the real economy, large oil companies take over bankrupt private shale companies. Trump holds a meeting with representatives of the "Big Three", then they get freshly printed Fed dollars, then they are buying up the debts of small and medium-sized producers by these dollars. 

What next? 


Trump calls OPEC members to limit production of oil, since the price is at the bottom. And at same time US government buys up all the free volumes of oil on the free market and fills own strategic oil storage facilities.  

Everyone around is screaming that shale oil production in the United States has come to an over, it's death and complete collapse, and at this time, judging by the actual production, this is not decreasing - the production of shale oil is growing steadily. 

What is this talking about? The fact that the bottom of the oil has already passed, as well as the fact that oil will be in demand in the near future. For the world's largest producer of Saudi Arabia, the Zero Hour will come in 45 days. When all available storage facilities and tankers will be filled, and there will be no place else to physically store the oil. 

The same thing is happening on the cryptocurrency market now. Binance is now the fastest growing crypto monster. And judging by the fact that CZ (Changpeng Zhao) has no problems with any regulators in the world, and that is fact that the SEC is not care about Binance Coin (BNB) and provide to CZ the green light. How do you think why? I think we can answer on that question and can understand why and who is "real beneficiary" of Binance Exchange.  No one can just come to the markets of the USA, Europe, China, Russia and so on, and easily work with national currencies without any restrictions.

And the Binance - can! 


Binance is: 

☣️ The world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange

☣️ Venture fund Bank

☣️ Mining pool

☣️ Market-leading analytical service CoinMarketCap 

And now the next step is coming. Binance consolidates Tradingview for half a billion dollars!

Now, analyze this and think about the claims made by some analysts and financial gurus that soon everything will fall and die, and no one will need bitcoin and the price of bitcoin will be zero. Will not be.

Bitcoin cannot fall to zero, just like oil does not have such a chance.  

 Bitcoin is under total control. All crypto is under control.




And if CZ acts in the interests of "we think you know", and we are having no doubt about it, then why buy up assets and related businesses in crypto industry for billions before the collapse of bitcoin? 

So, it is entirely possible that the Bitcoin project, which throughout its development history has been actively advertised as a way out of financial slavery and achieving freedom of economic relations, is not in fact such. 

It cannot be ruled out that in fact, that it is a tool designed for total surveillance of users all over the world and a tool designed to manipulate various social groups (including other states). 

The use of the blockchain to control the finances of the people of the world is already in motion. You barely need to read between the lines to see it. 

And if the above assumptions are true, then “The Owners of Money” is already close enough to victory in the global economic war.




Our mission is to provide a "perfect" global currency that cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or lost, is 100% private, requires no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption; a monetary system that is fair.


The CloudCoin Consortium is a group of businesses and individuals around the world who are interested in seeing CloudCoin be successful. The CloudCoin Consortium is not a legal entity. It has no bank accounts. It has no headquarters. The consortium is a Libertarian organization who are very interested in Freedom. The Consortium was a Platinum Sponsor at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas in 2018.

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