BEYOND BITCOIN. The Future of Digital Currency. Part VII The Future of Your Enslavement / Global PayPal

By CloudCoin | CloudCoin | 20 Aug 2019

CloudCoin provides a theoretically "perfect" global currency which cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or lost. Your exchanges are 100% private, requiring no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption. CloudCoins form a monetary system that is absolutely fair and ethical and requires no special software or downloads. Like the Internet itself, CloudCoin cannot be brought down by governments, hackers or even nuclear weapons.

Each CloudCoin note consists of 3,200 bits of secret data that only the owner knows. These bits are written into jpg images or text files that can be stored on your computer and sent to your people by email, Skype, SMS, Facebook or even regular old paper mail....

The future of your enslavement


RULE: The perfect money is perfectly private.

One of the inherent problems facing all modern currencies is the way in which new money is created, and who gets this newly created money.

According to Sean Worthington theory of money, the perfect money cannot be created or destroyed, except at its inception (minting), unless the money is split so that all people end up with the exact same proportion of money - just more of it. The primary purpose of money is to track who gets what proportion of the total output based on their total input.

The opposite of this is a system where money (data) is created and introduced to the system at the expense of everyone else. These types of systems (which dominate the world now more than ever) inadvertently cause logical errors, negative feedback loops, and submersion of the economy.

In economics, these phenomena are often known as inflation, price inflation or bubbles.

Sometimes economists argue about what inflation is.

Is it something that occurs when there is more money? Is it something that happens when prices are higher? Both of these assumptions are wrong, and economists need to turn to information systems to understand the situation.

Remember that money is data. If data appears without valid input in an information system, we call this an anomaly.

This incorrect data will be processed by our human minds and will cause logical errors. We will see opportunities in things that are not opportunities. Likewise, we will avoid true opportunities because we cannot recognize them. This can cause a feedback effect in which errors are compounded.

Ants have their own information systems. They use pheromones. Their antennae are specially designed to detect these pheromones. For ants, these pheromones are like money. They tell the ants what to do.


Do you want to mess with ants? Spray some pheromones in places they are not supposed to be. The colony will collapse into chaos. What would happen to human civilization if you dropped money from helicopters?

The same thing happens when money is dropped into the economy in random places. It causes crazy behavior, including the housing bubbles, and booms and busts.

Some parts of the economy may be unaffected, but other parts go into hyper-mode. This will not last long though. Soon, areas of the economy become neglected.

Because an economy is built on itself, each part is essential in some way. Neglecting any part will cause the entire system to grind to a screeching halt.

As often happens, food and energy are neglected, causing starvation and even death for millions of people.

This is what I call sluck. It is a concept based on “submersion due to logical errors caused by anomalous data injection.” So instead of saying that the Federal Reserve is causing inflation, it is better to say that the Federal Reserve is slucking our economy.


Sometimes we just need new words.

But wait, isn’t our economy improving? Slucking makes us think things that are not true, and while it may not stop growth, slucking causes the economy to improve more slowly than it may otherwise.

Emergence and submergence


This brings us to the idea of emergence.

Human civilization is not possible without money. If you take away all the money, people don’t know what to do, and they don’t know how to economize.

Without money, we are stuck with the next best thing - barter.

Simple barter systems can only support a few hundred entities before they become too complicated to work. There is only so much people can process in their minds. Money makes commerce easy.


When there is good money, an economy emerges. We call this an economy, a civilization, a nation, or a society. But we can also think of it as a hive, a superorganism.

The concept of emergence becomes clear when we look at what comes out of a large number of smaller parts. There are trillions of atoms in a human cell. From these atoms, life emerges. We have billions of neurons in our brain. From this network, our consciousness emerges. There are billions of people in the world, and from these populations, nations emerge.

Only from money can nations emerge. If there is a lack of good money, they will submerge. Having good money is of paramount importance to all of us. With the digital currencies of the future, we can expect our economy to emerge like never before. If that digital currency turns out to be evil, expect great tragedy.


In science, diversity is inequality

Some think that free-market capitalism creates inequality. However, inequality is part of the natural world, part of the diversity of the human species, and part of every other life form on the planet.

Any scheme that tries to make everyone economically equal goes against nature and God and against the nature of the Universe.

Trying to create a situation where people have equal amounts of money is a form of hacking. It takes a lot of work and it goes against society.

Hacking is theft


Hacking is the action of gaining unauthorized access to or manipulation or exploitation of a computer or network for an illicit purpose. But computers are not the only thing that can be hacked.

There are people who know how to hack our monetary system.

These hackers get money that they did not earn. Because they are able to get undeserved money, the monetary system is not perfect. I do not blame these people because they probably don’t even understand what they are doing.

But this kind of hacking happens at both the top and bottom of society.

Some of these hackers are really rich and are what I would call the true PhD hackers. They have found vulnerabilities, and they have exploited them. They do not share their secrets with others.

At the other end of this spectrum are the script kiddies. Script kiddies are a class of wannabe hackers who don’t actually know enough to write code that can hack a system, but who use existing code that they get from someone else. Script kiddies are dangerous primarily because of their stupidity and carelessness. These social hackers are generally stupid and uneducated. They either don’t know how to make a living or don’t care enough to bother, but they do know all about government programs and how to exploit them.

So, who are the hackers?


You are probably like most people; you work your ass off and get the shit taxed out of you and wonder why things get a little more challenging with each passing year.

But the hackers don’t work their asses off and don’t pay taxes. With a perfect currency, they would be unable to do this.

With a flawed currency, you are being victimized - and you might not even realize it. It is like a virus that uses you without killing you. It wants to keep things so low-grade that you don’t even notice you are sick. But you are, in fact, like a farm animal to them. You will be milked, and they don’t give a dang if you don’t like it.

If you don’t resist, you condone it. We need to stop the hack, we need to upgrade to a more secure information system - a monetary system that cannot be hacked. Digital currencies give us a way to resist. They give us a way to fight back. They give us a way to stop the hacks!

CloudCoin cannot be counterfeited, damage, hacked nor be government cannot destroy it because we are using RAIDA. To know more about RAIDA please check above our previous articles about CloudCoin/RAIDA Technology (BEYOND BITCOIN #1; #2; #3; #4: #5; #6). Bitcoin can be counterfeited or hacked because they are using blockchain that can be manipulated and can be break by Quantum Computers it is design to break encryption and blockchains.

A global PayPal


Most people do not realize that PayPal is a monetary system.

While Bitcoin has a public ledger, PayPal has a private ledger. Bitcoin’s blockchain is distributed over many systems while PayPal’s is centrally controlled, which makes it both more efficient and more scalable.

Could PayPal be brought down? I think it will last longer than Bitcoin.

The PayPal system was the great invention of the Libertarian Peter Theil. Theil believed that PayPal would be a big step toward freedom, and that it would especially help people in authoritarian countries. He was absolutely correct.

PayPal has been a great achievement, and has opened up the world to commerce. I know of very few people in Venezuela who do not have a PayPal account, and this allows them to survive despite their socialist, money-destroying government.

But many people do not like PayPal. For many of us, PayPal has become an extension of governments, a system that helps to regulate us. Plus it has some annoying features. I have certainly had my account frozen many times.

Of course, this happens with debit cards too. I go to the store and fill up my cart, only to find that my card has been declined at the register, even though I have plenty of money in the account.

And why does this happen? The answer is referential integrity.

Your bank account is not really full of real money. Your money isn’t actually in PayPal. These systems just reference real money with what are called pointers.

If money is data, then your debit card is metadata (Metadata is a set of data that provides data about other data). It is like one of those old silver certificates, which originally represented an amount of silver in a vault.

One money system must reference the other. It becomes a problem when it does not. At this point, it lacks referential integrity.

PayPal must freeze your account to make sure that the money that you have is actually there. PayPal lacks referential integrity.

CloudCoin does not reference anything else. Therefore, it has 100% referential integrity.

And another problem is that sometimes they (the bank or PayPal) can’t figure out who the owner is. This is called entity integrity. They think you may be committing identity theft when you use your debit card, so they freeze your account to stop anyone from stealing.

I remember when Target’s servers were hacked and everyone’s credit card information was stolen. The banks started locking everyone out because they didn’t know who was using the information.

There will most certainly be an attempt by governments in the future to create a global PayPal-like system, but you are not going to like it.

Not only will you be frozen out of your accounts just like you may have been with PayPal, but governments can do much, much worse.


They will be able to seize your money because you don’t own it, you just own a reference to it - and they will be able to violate that reference with ease.

Your blockchain address is your Social Security Number. But suppose a government wants to make sure that everything you buy and sell is tracked, and there is no way (short of a quantum computer) to make changes. The blockchain is perfect at this. They can use your government ID number as the unique identifying number on the public ledger.

The problem is that people need privacy to make efficient decisions.

Imagine if, every time you went to the store, everyone was watching what you purchased. Or imagine if you were compelled to publish your receipt on Facebook for every purchase. You would begin to behave differently.

CloudCoin is completely anonymous. With CloudCoin, you are free to be you.

Artificially Intelligent Dictators


Once we have government-controlled digital money, it will be easy to add a little artificial intelligence to really mess things up.

If you think about it, the human brain is the most intelligent thing we know of, and we have 7 billion of them on planet Earth—all working in parallel to manage the economy.

We humans have tried central planning (an economic system where the government takes control of production of goods and services, instead of letting consumers’ needs drive business production), and it does not work. A government lacks the computational power to run things.

Command and control economies (direct regulation of an industry or activity that states what is permitted and what is illegal) to the performance of free markets have never even come close to the performance of free markets (An economic system where prices for goods and services are driven by supply and demand, without government intervention or price control through a monopoly).

Much of the success from past experiments in command and control has come from theft or cannibalization. Sure, if you kill millions of your citizens, the cost of labor will go up and the price of homes will go down.

If you put people in gulags, you can create a free labor pool. But eventually, like the Russian Empire, things will collapse.

But what about Quantum Computers?


Each quantum computer has the computing power of approximately one billion desktop PCs. Can’t we put a quantum computer in charge of things?

Can’t these supercomputers tell us where to go each day so we’re always most efficiently employed? Can’t they provide the healthiest food choices for us? Who’d need money? We’d be living in a future utopia, right?

The truth is that we know very little about the human mind or quantum mechanics. It is within the realm of possibility that our minds are already quantum computers using some unknown mechanism. And a quantum computer will never be as powerful as a human being using a quantum computer.

The reverse is not going to work for us either. Artificially intelligent computers do not fear death or hell. To an AI, human life will never have any more value than we give to characters in video games. Mathematically, there is much to gain from killing us off.

Stalin was a rational atheist who believed in communism and equality. It made sense to Stalin to kill tens of millions of people and ruin the lives of tens of millions more.

He was, in his own mind, thinking rationally. Had he been an AI computer, it would have made sense for him to kill everyone.


And what about Privacy of CloudCoin?

CloudCoin is 100% Anonymous and cryptos is Pseudonymous / Pseudo-Anonymous!

CloudCoin may be the most private currency ever created in Human History!

This is because there is no Public Ledger that requires accounts and because CloudCoin can be sent like cash over a computer using encrypted channels.

EVERYONE CAN TRY IT NOW! (Dark Blue design Beta)

CloudCoin Wallet Beta version 2.1.11 Now available for free! (Blue design Beta)



This application provides the ability to rapidly and securely transfer authentic coins from person to person. No email or other file transfer systems are needed. What makes Skywallet so powerful is that like RAIDA, it cannot be brought down because, like RAIDA, Skywallet has data supremacy.

✅ Allows users to send CloudCoins to each other quickly and securely through SkyWallets.

✅ Enhanced UI/UX with similar look and user-experience across platforms (Windows, Android, Mac, etc.).

✅Optimized efficiency that reduces measured CPU usage to 0%

✅A vault to eliminate any possibility of theft.

✅ Ability to automatically recover coins by email.

✅ Easily make change/split notes.

✅ Support for collectibles, a decentralized exchange and ATM functionality.

✅ Support for merchant services.

✅ Crossover currencies for games and other apps.

✅ Multi-fix functionality that can fix thousands of fracked coins within seconds.

✅ Multi-language support/localization.

We are now officially in the Liquidity phase.


This is when we make it so our coin can be changed into goods, services and other currencies very quickly. Projects include the P2P Exchange, The Escrowed Exchange, The Craigs-List type Store, the Merchant software, APIs and Video games. The Peer To Peer Exchange. The backend and frontend business layer are 95% done. The GUI for the P2P exchange is 50% done. Then we need to add payments systems. The Merchant Software: Creates a "Pay With CloudCoin" button. It is completed and now in testing.


To be continued..........

Sean H. Worthington PhD ABD for CloudCoin Consortium.

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Our mission is to provide a "perfect" global currency that cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or lost, is 100% private, requires no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption; a monetary system that is fair.


CloudCoinTM – The world’s first cloud currency! The Perfect Global Currency! CloudCoin is a digital currency. That cannot be counterfeited, controlled, tracked or stolen. CloudCoins cannot be double-spent, mined or lost. It is 100% private and requires no public ledgers, accounts, or encryption. CloudCoin is a completely fair and ethical monetary system.

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