BEYOND BITCOIN. The Future of Digital Currency. Part I

By CloudCoin | CloudCoin | 12 Aug 2019

Envision a new future...

Imagine, if you will, a future where there will be no banks - except the banks on your cell phones and computers.

There will be no tellers, vaults, loan officers, or buildings to house them. Accountants will become a profession of the past as software takes care of all of your accounting and banking.

Tax systems will all but disappear - no one will pay taxes. Only taxes on land and homes will be possible.

People will be able to trade by verbally passing codes, and store their money in their minds, where it cannot be seized or detected.

Governments will go into decline as they are forced to limit their income to fees, bonds, and donations.

Politicians who once got elected by delivering largess to their supporters will be out of business.

You will receive your income by email, text message, and website download, and it will go directly into the bank on your desktop.

This bank will pay your bills automatically, on the dates you specify, by sending emails to those you wish to pay.

Your banking software will also automatically send any unused money (via email) directly to investment pools where you can withdraw it in seconds should the need arise. These investment pools will give you a chance to earn a respectable interest on your savings, and allow the great inventions of the future to be funded.

Funds like these will also provide home and auto loans, all without the government - or anyone else - knowing about it. These pools will be controlled by anonymous people located all around the world. These pools will be run by virtual organizations and will be part of a growing nation known as the Cloud People.

You will be able to buy anything from anyone in the world using your computer. All laws dealing with customs and tariffs will all be ignored and useless. Virtual global organizations made up of people unhindered by bureaucracy will flourish.

The CEO of a multi-billion dollar company may be completely anonymous and work out of his home office.

Labor laws will be futile.

But who will make sure things are done fairly and without fraud?

It won’t be governments. Free market institutions will form to fill this niche.

When someone in the future is convicted of a crime, the information will be available to anyone in the world and criminals will be shunned.

Theft of money will disappear. People will be able to store their money in their minds. They will be able to retrieve their money at any time by combining their biometric information with the passwords they have memorized.

Is this future possible?


Defining a monetary system

Any monetary system is an information system.

Such a system helps us economize (The word economy originally referred to the management of a household. It later evolved to suggest a wise use of resources and avoidance of waste), and economy is vital to our survival.

The most important part of any monetary system is the human mind. If people don't have the math skills to be able to understand prices and costs, or to judge how much money they have in order to plan and budget, then monetary systems simply will not work.

Monetary systems allow us to make decisions regarding how we will coordinate and optimize our actions.

Money is Data.

Data must be accurate if it’s going to give us insight into the true state of things. With accurate data, we can make educated decisions. In computer science, data is true when it has integrity.

There are two major types of data integrity, physical and logical, and these apply to money as well.

Money tells us how we should act, where we should work, what we should buy, and what we should make and sell.

Without money, our populations would not be able to grow beyond 150 people - about as many people as a barter system can support. Money allows millions of us to work together, each providing value to society.

Without money, civilizations would collapse. Without money, most of us would literally starve to death.

Money is the data we use to coordinate all activities.

Good money means good coordination, which I call emergence. Bad money means submergence. You may have heard the term emergence in other fields of study.

Life emerges from trillions of lifeless atoms and molecules by using DNA. Consciousness emerges from billions of neurons by using connections. An economy emerges from millions of humans by the use of money.

Entropy tears down and disorganizes. But with money, we can build things up. With a perfect money, we could reach unimaginable levels of prosperity. Without money, or with a bad money system, our economy dies - and we die with it.

Knowing what a monetary system is and knowing its purpose, we can start to design the perfect money by understanding what makes perfect data and a perfect information system. We simply apply the rules used in information systems and computer science to a monetary system and to its units of money.

Societies can have two major types of currency:

  • Money based on centralized data, such as Bitcoin or the stone money used on the island of Yap, or
  • Money that is decentralized - like most modern money, including cash, gold (historically), silver, and most recently, the CloudCoin™.


With a centralized money system, it’s easy to track all of your transactions through ledger records.


A decentralized system provides privacy for your transactions.

Centralized currencies require a public ledger or central village square to display money. Decentralized money is spread out in everyone’s pockets. In centralized money, most administrative efforts go to managing transactions, and the transactions must be public.

With decentralized money, transactions can be private, and most of the administrative costs go toward preventing counterfeiting.




Sean H. Worthington have invented the first counterfeit detection system that fully allows for a decentralized digital currency. He called this counterfeit detection system RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) and the currency CloudCoin.

In next articles, we will explain why we must be interested in digital currencies. We will cover the problems that digital currencies face. And we will tell you how these problems have been solved by this new counterfeit detection system, and how RAIDA technology has been used to create CloudCoin.

There are nightmare possibilities in our future right now, but we don’t have to go there. We now have what I know is a clear path to securing our liberty so that these nightmares never come true.


The promise of digital currencies

We now stand at a portal that has been opened by digital currencies, and are only just beginning to understand the profound consequences of the technology of digital currency.

Money commands us all.

It tells us which job is our most efficient work by rewarding us with the highest salary for taking it. It tells us which products are most efficiently produced by giving us a price.

Money can organize our civilization and allow us to economize. Without money, society would fall apart.

However, money can lie. Money can be used against us. It can be used to steal from us.

Digital currencies like Bitcoin have become today’s hot topic as people make millions off their meteoric rise in value.

Digital currencies allow us to trade with anyone in the world. It's like spending cash directly from our own computers.

In theory, there are no banking fees and no worries about identity theft. You have privacy, and your money is protected from any government’s inflating currency.

When Bitcoin came out, most of us didn’t buy any. We didn’t get involved. And we missed the significance of this technology.

It’s time to wake up!

Money calls us, and we would be fools not to listen. For now there is something new.

It’s not the blockchain, but RAIDA. It’s not Bitcoin, but CloudCoin. And it is something new, something that solves those problems inherent in a digital currency.

Bitcoin is an amazing technology, but CloudCoin will change everything. And this time we are not going to miss the opportunity.

More specifically, you should not miss this opportunity.


A new future expanded

Let’s take a look through that portal into the future and see what the world might look like with digital currencies.

In the past, the people who physically had the money owned it. But in the future, the people who know the money will own it.

Charities will rise to take the place of government social programs and safety nets, and will do a much better job. The power and influence of governments will wane. The capacity of a government to maintain standing armies and fight wars will also cease to exist.

You will be able to make financial decisions, including owning stocks and bonds, without anyone knowing you own them.

You will be able to gamble, buy prescription drugs - without a prescription - take a taxi that is not a taxi, stay in secret hotels, or see a doctor who is not a doctor.

Government regulations will become unenforceable.

Federal Reserve Notes and other government-based currencies will go bust. Their value will slowly drain until they are worthless pieces of paper. In the end, they will be overrun by counterfeits as the cost of counterfeiting goes down and the cost of policing goes up.

The new digital currencies will be privately administered and much more efficient.

We will see more economic equality among people as the rich and poor who once milked the system no longer have a system to milk.

All people will work harder. All people will make better decisions. All people will economize and become more efficient.

The end result is that a new economy will emerge, along with a new class of citizens who will be powerful and able to control the governments so that those who wish to stay in power will not try to infringe on the money rights of others.

Constitutional rights will be restored.

Women who wish to stay home with their children will be able to afford to do so again, as they will no longer be required to work to prop up the military and state apparatus. There will be less marital strife and fewer divorces, and more equality between the sexes.

There will be a move from the cities to the country as people will no longer need the services that cities once provided. They will not need cubicles, banks, or retail stores, and they will not need to be in close proximity to others.

Everything administrative will be done digitally, online, and people will want to get away from the crowds, traffic, stress, prices, pollution, and crime.

The prosperous will move from the cities and the poor will flock to them because the cities will become like today’s Detroit: inexpensive to live in. This will cause the cities to become even more undesirable and dangerous places to live until the cities become nothing but large squatter communities.

When the value of the dollar collapses, manufacturing will return to the cities of America because minimum wage laws will no longer be relevant, and the unused space, along with a labor force that’s ready to work, will bring manufacturing to a local level. Incomes around the globe will begin to equalize.

In the future, insurance companies will make a huge comebackbut they will all be virtual and unauthorized by governments. Instead of having one medical insurance company to choose from, you will have thousands. They will provide real insurance as opposed to trying (unsuccessfully) to manage a government program like today’s insurance companies are forced to do.

The cost of healthcare will plummet as people become insured for real problems. The ill and injured will have access to doctors, medicines and treatments from all over the world - all virtually over the Internet, and all paid for with digital money.

A new theory of money will be taught in the economics departments to supplant the teaching of Keynes, Marx and Socialism. Instead, economists will turn to information systems theory.

Economics will no longer be a subjective behavioural science; it will be a hard science - and the importance of unfettered money will be very clear.

Homeschooling will become the norm as school districts force the kids into their homes to save money, and place the responsibility of education directly on the shoulders of the parents. This will result in children who are better educated. Colleges and universities, faced with the demand to reduce budgets, will cut gender studies, environmental studies and ethnic studies instead of cutting computer science, biology and nursing. The campuses will become much more conservative.

In the future, the number of people working as government regulators will drop off because they will be paid with worthless Federal Reserve dollars instead of a digital money that maintains its value.

Terrorists, unfortunately, will be able to send money anywhere in the world. The only way to stop them will be to physically isolate them.

Child porn and many other crimes will persist, but the overall welfare of children and people in general will increase as the new monetary systems bring about a new prosperity. Instead of going after the money, law enforcement will go after the criminals who use the money. There will be significantly more resources to stop them, thanks to the charities that are now able to fund private detectives, private courts, and private punishments.

In the future, digital currencies will improve everything and make nothing worse.

As a species, we will become more intelligent and less violent, with greater harmony among the races.

As individuals, we will become happier and more satisfied with life. We will have much less tolerance for tyranny and a greater sense of community.

To be continued..........

Sean H. Worthington PhD ABD for CloudCoin Consortium.

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