Youtube Monetization (ING)

Youtube Monetization (ING)

By Sacrament | Click X Click | 26 May 2020

No post is needed to know the opinion of those who read. (Tips do help: D)


In the previous post I told you about the idea of ​​exchanging views on YouTube in order to reach the goal of Monetizacón of the channel.

Now, I will do another test ...

I will leave my video here, one of music, a remix to be exact (quite old in fact), at that time I meticulously edited each material, so this is one of my beginnings.

In the Analytics section I will be able to see the progress of the video playback, I will inform you how much has been uploaded or not.

This is the graph now 25 / MAY / 2020:



It will be a test in the time of 1 month.

For the next June 25, I will show the total progress.


But do not panic, throughout the month I will be taking photos and uploading them so that they see that it is bearing fruit (He prayed that it is so), it will be between every 3 days or every week, depending on how many it rises or falls quickly.

I also want you to do it and show your progress.

We will help each other.


What do you think?


I leave the video:
It's from Remix Music.

Lasts: 3:34


Likewise, leave the link of your videos and a brief explanation of their content and the duration.

I will click and like them, and if you want a subscription.


If the project works for everyone, I will upload one or more posts with the link of their videos to continue increasing visits.


PS: Warning: My channel has a variety of topics and most of them can be sensitive to all audiences. Caution is suggested.

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