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Malta, the Blockchain Island

By Clemnms51 | Clemnms51 | 5 Feb 2021

Hi everyone, today I will mix two things I love : travel and crypto.

I didn't write about it before, or not so much, but I love travelling around the world, even if I'm rather a young person, and especially travel in Europe for the moment. And during this summer I had a trip with my friends in Malta, and I absolutely fell in love with this country. First, I will talk about this beautiful island and what you can do over there. Then I'll focus on the different Blockchain projects which are implanted in Malta.

Beautiful landscapes and night life

This 316 km2 located 93 kilometers at the South of Sicily will make you speechless. To be clear, I didn't even have time to visit La Valette (shame on me), but one of my friend did and it's pretty worth, especially if you like the history and the beautiful monuments. It was confirmed by other French I met that having a day in La Valette is not a loss of time at all.


La Valette


The name of the "district" where our apartment was located is named "Sliema". I personally think it is the best place to live in Malta. Indeed, it is near La Valette and not so far from Paceville (that I consider as the little Las Vegas of Malta) and St Julians, which is perfect if you want to chill and have a meal or a drink. To focus on Sliema again, its other main advantages is the beautiful view that you'll have in most of the apartment. You'll see a large expanse of water with a magnificent view of the coastline. Sliema and St Julians own many beautiful bays such as Spinola Bay and St Julians Bay, for example.




I will talk very quickly about Paceville which is the place where the party is on, if you wanna enjoy your night and have some of the best party of your life, just go there and you'll not be disappointed.

Now let's write about the beautiful place that are accessible by car. (Funfact : there are more cars than habitants in Malta).

First : The Blue Lagoon : it is THE place to be. A very little island where you'll see a clear blue water that you couldn't see anywhere else. The nature remains dominant in this lagoon and the temperature of the water is only but perfect. If you go to Malta, you are OBLIGATED to go to this place.

Second : St Peter's Pool : at this place you can jump from about 8m high above the water. If you like adrenaline, you'll have something satisfying there.

Last : Gozo Island : I didn't have enough time to go here either but it is for sure a place to visit using quads. The nature is more dominant there than on the principal island.


Blue Lagoon


A country where crypto is developed

The government has adapted the regulations to accommodate blockchain and cryptocurrency. The aime was to encourage this new technology and their strategy is especially focused on DLT, ICO and virtual currencies. The country is already known for its large community of poker players and entrepreneurs due to its advantageous fiscal regulations. With young and rich people coming to Malta, the country and its economy has expanded a lot with a population interested by next technologies, so by the blockchain. So let's present you some of the best project which are implanted in Malta.

- The diploma protection on the Blockchain : It is the first country to keep track on the diploma of its habitants on the Blockchain. It seems very logical as it can't be hacked and you can't lie on the diploma you earned thanks to this technology.

- The Malta Blockchain Summit : This event is one of the most important for the crypto environment in the world. It welcomes more than 8 000 visitors every year (before the COVID of course) and its aim is to develop even more this blockchain island and attract new investors.

- Okex and Binance's offices : The two crypto exchanges have set some of their offices in Malta in order to develop their activity in Europe.

- Elrond : This beautiful project that I personally love a lot is a Romanian-Maltese blockchain that could reach the very top market cap in the cryptocurrency market. You should stay alert about this blockchain which wants to develop the crypto adoption to the whole population.

To sum up this article, if you are investor or only a travel lover, you should really think about living or going to Malta for all the aspects I talked about.


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French crypto enthusiast, I love sport and passive earnings and income. I try to talk about various subjects and I hope you'll enjoy reading my articles.


French crypto enthusiast, I love sport and passive earnings and income. I try to talk about various subjects and I hope you'll enjoy reading my articles.

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