Storytime: "First time in belgrad and braces" 1/3

By CryptoOddish | Claudio | 4 Feb 2019

Hey :)





Its a Story about how i go to belgrad for braces and whats my experience and toughts about all. 

I will make 3 parts:  

1.Part: First time in belgrad and braces.

2.Part: Second time in belgrad and third time in belgrad

3.Part: Last time in belgrad



I would like to write about my experience with going to the dentalist in an other country and tell you if it'w worth it or not. 

I'm Claudio 25years old and from Switzerland.

I was with a serbish girl together and we both wanted go to the dentalist for making braces. 

We life in switzerland and here it cost like 15000$ to make that. We can not pay that so we go to Belgrad. 

She know this dentalist because she was already sometimes there and so we decidet to make it together.


In november 2017 we take a fly to belgrad for like 250$ and we take an airbnb appartment for like 70$.

Her father life in Serbia but like 2 hours away from the city. So we had to visit him. More to that later.


On the airport of Belgrad a stranger come to us and asked if we have to go to the city and if he should drive us. 

He was a privat person that just make some money driving people with his car from the airport to the main city. 

Always speak with the taxi drivers before you go into the car and best say a fix price that you want pay.

We gave him 2000dinar (its like 20$) Its okei for the distance.)


Finally in Belgrad we first check in the appartment. 

We write to the owner that we are coming in the next 10minutes and when we was infront he was waiting already for us. 

He gave us the key and explain us some stuff about wlan and tell us where we find a nice fitness and other stuff that we asked him. 

He was very nice and all go smooth and easy. I never had to talk because my girlfriend was speaking serbish always.


After we check in and relax a little bit we go to the dentalist. 

He make us both the braces inside and then we had to pay everything bar without a paper with a sign or something.

Was no trust problem because my girlfriend know him already for years. So we go to the bancomat. 

I had to take 5x the max payout you can get. 30000dinar. 5 times. 150000dinar. I felt like i rob this bancomat lol.


We go back to the dentalist and pay everything and make a termin for next time. 


Now we had like 5days time in belgrad just to chill. So we first go eating. 


When i was eating already 1 metal of the braces go away so we call the dentalist and we go again to him.

I was very angry and sad because now i tought maybe the quality is not good.

He make it again right and say me now it sure hold. 


I was happy again but wanted to test it so i go and buy something to eat. 

It held very good now so i was relaxed again. A good tip is if you go to the dentalist somewhere else, always stay there for 2-3days and eat something that you see if really all is good or not. Would be very stupid if your at home again and then something happen and you cant fly every week. 


We just spend a nice evening together and visit her cousin in a bar. (her cousin life and work in belgrad)


The next day we go to her father in the village outside of belgrad. 

For that we had to take the bus and drive 2 hours just in the nowhere. But was nice and i enjoyed to see this new part of the world.

190903265-6519f330992865e60613fd3060952c64fcad32b1457486984ab486ab61726d41.jpeg(cant turn it.sorry)

When we was in this village it was like an other world for me. 

They had nothing and i mean really nothing. 

Only some dogs was outside. Many dogs without home...


We walk from the busstation to the house of her dad and i meet him the first time in my life. 

One day later was my birthday so her dad make a pig for us on the fire. It was very warm and nice from him. 

 190903265-cea874efd75530fdb957f6ee9be79c0d5763d326b5f73423f56a8687322ad788.png(sorry for the black...)

We spend 2 days with him and then we go back to belgrad. 


After this 2 days i was glad to be back in the airbnb appartment and relax. 

We spend 2 more days in belgrad and then we had to go. 


In this 2 days we eat a lot good food go shopping and 1 evening we go to make party. 

In belgrad you really can eat and make party like a boss. Its awesome :D

Also there are many peoples on the street that make music or have other talents that they show off. Sometimes you see really talented people and you always have some dinar to give away :) 

I would try the burger house in belgrad and burrito madre. Best food. And its all so cheap. 


-Now we have the phone number of the taxi driver and the airbnb guy. so our next trip will get very easy. 



Some money facts:

-100dinar is like 1$ 

-A piece of pizza cost 30dinar 

-A full pizza cost 100dinar

-My braces cost 150000dinar (ca. 1500$)

-Hotel or Airbnb cost around 30$ per night.

-Taxis are cheap if you dont get scammed.

-10 and 20 dinar are perfect for giving to poor people. 



I have much more pictures but i had problems to make them look right. Will try better next time.

In the next part i will write about the next two times we was there to adjust the braces and how it goes.

Follow me if your interestet how it goes.





Peace & Love


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