Why I Love Classical Music
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Why I Love Classical Music

By Agnes Laurens | Classical Music | 30 Aug 2021

Since a young age, I am in fond of classical music. I started to play the cello at the age of six, and one year later, I exchanged the cello for the violin. I also sang in a choir and played in a lot of orchestras. Not only that, but I also even have played in diverse concert halls with these orchestras. I loved playing with other people. You all bring so much joy together.

I imagine that you don't know what classical music is and what it is to be a classical musician. That is totally fine. I don't mind. It is a shame that lots of people don't like classical music, while it is very important to develop your brain.

Classical music evolved during the years. Since 400 years ago — or even more — until today. I think it will last for at least more than a hundred years. But as a classical musician, you need to be innovative and an entrepreneur. I think classical music is still an underestimated and classified as a boring music genre. I don't think it is boring, but it has that image, but when you listen to this music from different style, I think there will be a composer that resonates with you. For example, Shostakovitch is not in the same classical music genre as Mozart or Beethoven.

I love classical music since the age of five when I started to play the cello. Two tears later, I exchanged the cello for the violin. Playing the violin is my passion. I can't live without it. Even now I am writing this article, I listen to the piano trio by Tsjaikovski. I love this piece so much. It touches my heart from the bottom. I think it resonates with me as I had lots of drama in my life.

When I play the violin, all my drama emotions are getting into it and I love the sound of the instrument. It is so diverse and the violin can be used in pop music, or even rock music. It is a diverse instrument.

Another thing is that most of the time, male artist will be programmed. There are so many female artists that should get the musical attention. I can give you names of female violinists I love to listen to.

Since the age of seven, I play the violin, I sang in a choir, and I have played the violin a lot of orchestras. One of them in Youth Orchestra of The Netherlands. Now I write a lot about classical music, because I think that people should know about it.

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