Clash of Streamers. The beginning

  • Hey, so you downloaded Clash of Streamers. 

Starting out seems strange, and theres a strange cow the keeps telling you what to do.. Well... Do it.

Follow the tutorial this takes around 3 hrs(i did say it was daunting) but its like this to stop people from making alt farms (and in the words of the owner "printing money") after this its plain sailing.

As you fight through the tutorial campaign youll see in the bottom right has a pop up come up after every few battles click on this to grab some free loot presents then get back to the tasks at hand.

The tutorial gives you a general understanding of the game and you will learn alot of early game mechanics in the process.

The issue will only get you so far in the game, and working on just these can slow progress as well as extend the time frame to get your earning potential.

I mentioned earlyer about alts, alts are not, not allowed and within reason you can have a few alts. I wouldnt say it was worth doing all in one go, but if you have a few hours a day to maintain multiple accounts then it would definitly be worth it in the long run.

Though you may not think this at first but as you progress in the game, you may find that you doing dailies is just not enough.

There are alot of deals in the game, some good, some not so good. One of the best deals to get after the tutorial is the 90% deal this gives you enough salepoints to buy one deal free and the cost of this is half a dollar or 1 dollar deepending on where you are in the world

So dont waste the offer on a half dollar/$1 deal, if your free to play then youll mainly want to look at getting the monthly golden boost, located bottom right of the screen (the trophy) this allows you to aquire your 25 sale points back each month. (dont worry if you fail to complete this as you will still receive the rewards and the end of the month)

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Clash of Streams, tips, tricks and guides
Clash of Streams, tips, tricks and guides

Hello, Ill be posting tips, tricks and indepth and overview guides to clash of streamers, the will be things you wont know, Maybe you already do. Why should this stop you reading there maybe things you dont remeber or just need to refresh, what ever you Reasons i hope that somewhere along the line theres infomation that is usful to you :)

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