The Rogue Scholar

By Jbschirtzinger | clarion | 14 Feb 2024

Chapter 27 Part 2

"The Runic War," the man replied.

Sal began to shake. The man asked if he was all right, and Sal replied that he just needed a few moments to sit down and collect himself and that he would be fine. Sal collapsed into a sitting position where formerly he stood. He tried to sort out his unruly thoughts. As he sat in his state of shock, he remembered his message via his interface. At this point, he welcomed the distraction. Sal opened it. He read the following words with some consternation:

Holonopshereic user update:

Sal Grimone, you have traveled into the past. Since the Holonosphere has technically always existed, just not always used, you will still have access to the interface. Since no one believes in the holonosphere until much after this period, however, no one will believe any assertion that you might make concerning the holonosphere. Additionally, you will not have access to information beyond your own time period.

Our records indicate that you are in the era of the first Runic War. Since it is unlikely you remember the history of the era and now find yourself immersed in it, a short primer will follow. It is inadvisable to try to change anything you see. The simple reason is that you are not likely to be successful, and if you are you are more likely to create a parallel universe than if you simply leave things as they are. It is highly recommended you return to your own native time period. The nearest node outside this immediate time sphere at this moment is a small dwelling near what would in your era be Iron Bastion. Primer commencing now:

The first Runic War was, according to your time period, fought over the primacy of language and therefore culture. It was labeled the Runic War because of the penchant for historians to discuss the war in terms of language matters. The reality is that this war was fought because people were beginning to appreciate the holonosphere's holographic existence and therefore the bendability of reality. The Runic War was fought in an effort to control the languages available so that the dominant culture could impose its will on the hologram of reality. History books failed to mention how combatants often used no weapons but instead spoke certain syllable combinations much like the incantations in an effort to bring about certain conditions in the hologram that would slaughter their enemies. It appears you are standing near the epicenter of an incoming major conflict. Since the causality level is high in this battle, it is suggested you leave the area immediately.

We hope you enjoy your historic journey, and remind you to hasten your efforts to return to your own time period.

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