Claim Announcement

CLAIM will be launched HSC (Hoo smart chain) and started mining on June 29

By claim_finance | claimdotxyz | 29 Jun 2021

According to the results of the community vote on June 27, 2021, claim will go online on the HSC chain and start mining activities on the HSC chain.

Mining information

Mining start time: June 29, 2021 7:00 UTC

Block height: 1732000

Mining opens countdown link:

Output per block: 0.305 claim

Mining duration: 28 days

Pool allocation:

USDT 10%




How to mine

1. Create HSC Wallet

2. Buy Hoo as a gas fee and put it in your HSC wallet

3. Transfer your CLAIM from ETH/ BSC to HSC through Hoo exchange

4. Log in to and switch to HSC chain in the right corner

5. Select approve and deposit it

Single currency pool: deposited in CLAIM or USDT

Liquidity mine pool: select the pool of CLAIM/HOO or CLAIM/USDT on the, click to enter the pudding exchange, deposit it into the aim and Hoo or USDT, and return to the claim website to store LP into the mining pool.

Claim Proposal Summary

Claim is a Defi protocol that adopts a new generation of stable currency model — -based on the credit stable currency model of Ethereum. It supports users to pledge their assets and generates stable currency $cUSD for capital circulation. It adopts a dual currency model, one is the stable currency $cUSD, and the other is the equity and governance token $CLAIM.

The HSC (Hoo Smart Chain) is a decentralized, energy-efficient, borderless value exchange intelligent blockchain system. As a new generation of credit stable currency, Claim plans to deploy the HSC and start mining incentive activities in order to better develop the Claim ecology. Its decentralization, low procedures, high performance, and compatibility with multi-chain smart contracts are the basis for Claim choosing to deploy the HSC chain. Secondly, as a new smart chain, HSC has a rapid growth in the number of applications on the chain, allowing Claim to see the development potential of HSC. In a credit stable currency track, Claim can develop into the first credit stable currency application on the HSC, and participate in the unicorn program, allowing Claim to gain more attention.

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Claim is the next-generation credit-based stablecoin and a DeFi protocol.


A game-changer in DeFi. Build and redefine the stablecoin world. Email address: [email protected]

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