O'Biden? This is the Answer?
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O'Biden? This is the Answer?

By Cjfya | Cjfya | 12 Nov 2020


        "O'Biden ......aka Obama/Biden"

  Really want my thoughts on this S***? I just think it was the World against President Trump, and mysteriously O'Biden (as I call him) Due to his lack of single minded thinking!                                      What the H*** is going on with all SCAMS? And seriously, Why the h*** is it always a Sand......I mean a Foreigner? 

SCAM   And I really want to know, wth happened with the Election. First it seemed Ahead, then Neck n Neck, than Bam thousands of ballots are in? And Biden? Really? Can 1 person comment on a difference he has made all the years he was with the White House "priveledged"... Anything? Anyone? Nope....

2020 Election Fraud

 Oh Yes...the phone scams. "Uuuuugh"

  Then we have a Pandemic which I act like its just as bad and as pink eye, in the sence of YOU DONT WANT IT & YOU BEWARE OF EVERONE & EVERYTHING!!! And as much as I think Biden is useless at this point in his life, I do agree with more mask wearing.Gas Masks

Obviously not these Masks but, I know no one is happy about the masks, and they might as well be outdated & heavyweight and scary as H*** looking. "Lol"

    Then i would not be done if i didn't leave a bit of my opinion on....yup, Crypto-crap and them dang spam bs fraud calls, & account passwords and authentication and verify and proove....


   And that's all, for this 

 5 minutes of menopause B**** Session. 

I can be found on Twitter @davencj Hit me up with some pointers for my first post/post with pic art and 10 minutes to proof read and gather thoughts.


   "Just for thought....What would be so bad about a World with? ......."

After finish it, please, leave a comment...what do you think would make all of "this" easier today.

A Special thank you to Pixels where I found all these great images...just the right & free expressions for my words. Everything else is just ME, yup...all personality no class.

Till next time....Cj



Opinionated & Young' full of New life and looking for deals, steals and freebies. Learning and sharing lessons I've come to know..and Blogging them. I was a childhood published poet and I plan to be a Voice of the Future. Oh and Very Opinionated lol


Life's Lessons learned, Some days I feal I can save the world, and other days I feal like the world has it in for me. I love Great deals and steals and I prefer to speak my mind and my opinion.

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