I found myself there..

By stbrians | Churning Poetry | 21 Nov 2022

There is where I found thyself. 

if you don't know there then you won't believe yourself. 

there is welcoming  and fine. 

beautiful apparelled beings there do dine.

golden emeralds do adorn the street. 

there is a place of no retreat. 

but I came back so full but with a yearn. 

my ticket expired with a burn. 


be there to know you are there. 

It is a place far from nowhere. 

saints have made it a home. 

they feel not the desire away to roam. 

given the chance I will relocate. 

to be there full-time so I narrate. 

there is beautiful. 

there is joyful. 


don't start  admiring with expectancy. 

you only dream the place in a fancy.

Dreams may not do a repeat. 

yet there is the place for a fete. 

how I long that celestial place. 

if only it was a race....! 

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Churning Poetry
Churning Poetry

Poetry is the spice of the soul. A poet is an emotional person. He creates love, hate, worry etc. A poet is a mind reader. He knows your thoughts.

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