Doubting Your Strength

By stbrians | Churning Poetry | 4 Dec 2022

you doubt your strength like a learner driver. 

like a fool you dive into the doubting river. 

your teeth gnash terribly with your trembling self. 

Great feet knocking like utensils on a shelf.

discouragement set in like snowflakes in winter. 

depression finally enters to splinter. 


There are people  who see you as a fortress.

your weakness portraying overwhelming success.

struggles seen as great power and valour.

you are clothed in attire portraying energy and colour. 

to them you are a hero that blossom. 

you stand a role model to the bosom.

cheer up, face life with gaiety. 

your endeavors portray the greatest duty. 

an enigma you stand stout and strong. 

like a stallion you will err not but be strong. 


God has destined you for great tidings. 

you are tailored for the most wonderful things. 

failures are turned to successes you require. 

weaklings made into prowess you acquire. 

stand imitated and admired with respect. 

move forward like the hero we do expect.  

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Churning Poetry
Churning Poetry

Poetry is the spice of the soul. A poet is an emotional person. He creates love, hate, worry etc. A poet is a mind reader. He knows your thoughts.

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