Perfect time to invest in Tezos

Perfect time to invest in Tezos

By YoDaChronMan96 | ChronsPlace | 11 Jun 2020

The last three months Tezos has been holding strong in the $2.60-$2.80 range and after its $3 rally and sell off its right back in its golden zone. This is a perfect time to buy, with all the new dev roll outs, implementing domain names, over 10,000 french convenience stores, i could go on for a long while, and it being the number one staked coin and with coinbase offering staking rewards to four more European countries makes this a solid investment for 2020. I wouldn't recommend using coinbase, not your keys not your coins!  You should be using a proven wallet, i go with trust wallet for my staking, i had it all set up and staking within an hour one of the easiest wallets i have ever set up.

Now when it comes to price predictions i am not your guy for that, tezos could go anyway. A new coin or an older coin could come out with the same implementations and blow them out of the water. I would stay away from any of those sites that are saying Tezos is going to reach $200 by end of year, i see a good coin thats going to increase in price over the next months/years but a $197 increase in 6 months is absurd, but this is the crypto community and i could be wrong like every other jerk with a keyboard but that is my honest opinion. We need to worry about getting above $3 and keeping it that way before we worry about these grand predictions. Just because you have a solid product and team behind you doesn't mean everyone else is going to see it that way and value you.

We just need to hold steady and allow all the developments to come out, we need more institutional investors and companies using the coin and blockchain and then we will start to see a real rise in price from Tezos. Until then i see us sitting in the same $2.60-$2.99 range for the foreseeable future, which in all honesty is fine with me, it will give me time to stockpile more coins and get more staking rewards which lets be honest those staking rewards are pretty nice and better than any interest account you can get right now from any bank.  

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