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Withdraw your ThetaTV TFuel to ThetaDrop

ThetaTV Launches Viewer TFuel Withdrawals to ThetaDrop

By Chrono85 | Chrono's Crypto Blog | 30 Aug 2021

ThetaTV is the leading blockchain powered, decentralized streaming site. It's a place where you can find really cool streamers making great content, a great community and you can earn TFuel cryptocurrency just by watching streams! Up to now however, viewers could only use that earned TFuel either to support streamers via subs & donos, or to buy things in the ThetaTV merch shop. However that all changed a few days ago, when they launched the ability to withdraw TFuel to a ThetaDrop account.


What is ThetaDrop?

ThetaDrop is the official NFT marketplace for Theta. They have featured drops you can pick up from famous NFT artists, crypto leaders and even mainstream celebrities. Katy Perry has a special drop coming up! The most recent drop was a celebration of 4 top partner creators from ThetaTV that was a huge success, with NFTs going for way more than their list prices on the secondary market. There are also ongoing licensed drops with the World Poker Tour and others. It a really exciting project in the super hyped NFT space.


With the ability to withdraw TFuel from the ThetaTV site to ThetaDrop, more people can now get in on the NFT action, and if you're smart and/or lucky you could multiply the TFuel you earn from watching streams by flipping NFTs!

For those who've been following the Theta space for a while, this is just another cool feature brought to us by a great team that just keeps executing. I for one am looking forward to see what new features they've got in the works! Happy NFT hunting everyone!

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