With One Farm Over TWO WEEKS in and Another With $250,000 in Deposits Harvest's Farms are Still Producing over 2,500% APY!

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 27 Jan 2022

On Jan. 11th Harvest launched a new farm on the Ethereum Network for LooksRare. This farm has done nothing short of print money for its users! With $2.2 million in deposits, you would think that these results would have calmed down by now but they continue to keep producing! The one downside to this farm is that it is LOOKS-WETH so you do have to pay the gas fees to add your LOOKS and WETH to Uniswap and then take that LP token and deposit it in the LOOKS-WETH farm. While that will definitely take a chunk out of your money when you look at it overall the product is really producing! The farm did just slip to right under 2,500% APY to 2,486% APY still a fantastic number nonetheless especially with it being active for 15 days now!


The other farm, while newer at just over 2 days old, might be the better one depending on how you feel about the rewards that you can earn between the two. Harvest added another farm for LooksRare tokens that just deals with plain LOOKS and instead of earning LOOKS as you would in the first farm instead you earn WETH! Now if you are someone who frequently yields farms and is always getting into new farms and tokens this might be the one that is better for you! Even with the $250k in deposits it is yielding even more than the LOOKS-WETH farm with LOOKS earning 2787% APY in and 1166% in WETH! The other part of the APY is mostly in LP fees but does still also give 70% APY in iFARM emissions!


Looking at these two farms it is hard to decide which one I like more! I really think it depends on what you want to earn as your reward. If you are a big fan of the LooksRare platform then the LOOKS-WETH farm might be the best one due to earning additional LooksRare and getting the full benefits out of it. However, if you are more of an Ethereum accumulator and want to grow your ETH bag then that is an easy farm for you that is really paying out well in it! Especially with the price being down right now it is bringing in fantastic gains for those who are farming it!


Please know I am not a financial advisor I am just someone who picked up on a trend and wanted to express it! Makes sure you always do your own research and never invest money you cannot afford to lose! If you enjoyed this article and would like to further support me below are a couple of referral links that if you used when signing up I would appreciate it! Also, follow me on Twitter @Cje95_



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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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