Openfabric AI: Decentralizing and Lowering the Cost of Entry into AI

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 12 May 2023

In less than half a year AI went from a background idea people knew would one day come to an explosive and disruptive innovation that could be seen almost anywhere and everywhere! Its explosion onto the scene has mirrored that of DeFi, SPAC stocks, and more in its ability to capture not only the publics' eye but also investors' attention leading money to flood the space. When innovation takes off the way AI has bottlenecks or areas that will cause issues quickly pop up or emerge not long after. This is not a bad thing though as the rapid growth of anything will show us as users and investors where we need to focus on improving the product at hand and AI is no exception to this. 


Here is were Openfabric AI steps into the room. Unlike other AI companies that are building a certain product or service which results in the price of said product or service increasing overtime Openfabric is instead lowering the barrier to entry and bringing tools to developers to create and launch their own AI products. They have taken the open decentralized nature of blockchain and unleashed it on the AI community! Over the last few months via their Twitter they have released not only more details but examples of what they are creating.


At the same time they have welcomed the blockchain/crypto world with open arms. They have done this by incentiving users to participate in different missions which reward you with GEMs. Using my referral link here you can begin your journey and check off a ton of missions! Currently these GEMs can  be redeemed for White Listing on the upcoming NFT drop but in the not so distant future will be exchanged for the Openfabric Token itself! These missions are easy and quick to do and also give you the ability to be at the forefront of something new and exciting in the space!  


Next Monday via a Youtube live the heads of the product are going to do a live demo of the protocol. The following weeks, in two weeks, the Beta testnet will be launched which will allow users to test out the various abilities of the protocol! Users will get to see how it will work without having to spend a dime! Moving forward whenever you want to use an application from the Openfabric protocol you will be able to chose how much you pay based on a variety of things including computational power. Computational providers will be bidding against each other driving down the cost of the power which currently when you use one of these applications is centralized. 


By lowering the cost barrier for developers to test and try out their apps and get rewarded for the usage that they get will be critical in helping allowing developers to not only deploy but just test their AI apps! The current cost of computational power is absolutely insane running tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per day! That is obviously not something that is sustainable for the growth of the sector and if it remained would result in companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon with their cloud computing services taking over. Returning power to the little guys is a huge part of crypto and Openfabric continues in this very trend! 


If you are interested in joining and seeing what it is all about for free please use my referral link here to begin your GEM collecting journey and feel free to drop any comments or questions you have below! 



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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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