I Love My Debit Card that Gives Me Bitcoin Rewards but I Have Finally Found Something I Do Not Like

I Love My Debit Card that Gives Me Bitcoin Rewards but I Have Finally Found Something I Do Not Like

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 27 Aug 2021

As soon as I was off the waitlist I applied and was sent my Fold Debit Card. I was even so excited about the prospects of it that I even signed up for the $150 USD Premium Card. Now, this has easily worked out for me as with the Premium version you receive the ability to purchase up to $500 a month at Amazon and receive a minimum of 5% back. The odds are also higher just overall for those with the Premium version so when Bitcoin fell back into the mid to low $30,000 range I was able to stack stats quickly and efficiently! 


Up until a couple of days ago, I had not run into a single complaint as I had really utilized the card to purchase gift cards and stack my stats that way which I have previously written about here. The issue, which one could say is nitpicky, was that I was still awaiting a transfer of funds from my bank account to my Fold Card. Since I was trying to book airline tickets I finally reached the point after a couple of days that I could not wait anymore so I purchased a Southwest Airlines gift card through the app still but changed my payment method to my bank debit card. 


I wrongly assumed that with the Premium version would allow me to still have the spin after purchasing a gift card as it would in my mind make sense for the people who paid the extra money to have the ability to still spin. This was not the case and instead I only got the 1% sats back on a $200 purchase which I mean its bad. Most of the wheel spin options at the time actually would have resulted in almost double the amount of sats since the minimum I would have gotten back was 0.8% however since I had extra spins I most likely would have been able to spin it until I hit a 2% sat back slice. 


It is not the worst thing in the world what happened but did suck since it was on a larger purchase. It was a lesson to learn to just try and keep my Fold Card funded at higher levels incase I cannot wait for the transfer to go through. This will really be fixed once instant funding is available and that is supposed to be happening soon! As well as funding the card with another debit or credit card since right now you have to use either Apple Pay or Venmo if you chose to not use bank transfers. 


Overall the Fold Card has continued to exceed expectations and is fun and easy ways to earn back stats! It is one of the most useful debit or credit cards I have used or use! I look forward to seeing the new shops for gift cards and how I can compound and utilize them to earn the best bang for my buck!

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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