Harvest Rolls Out 4 New Polygon and 1 New Ethereum Farms!

Harvest Rolls Out 4 New Polygon and 1 New Ethereum Farms!

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 26 Oct 2021

This morning much to my surprise Harvest released 5 new farms across two blockchains! You have to love to see this as the team continues to develop and roll out new farms and build up its presence on other chains besides Ethereum! Being a multi-chain DeFi platform is and will continue to be key for the future of the platform!


Ethereum Side

The farm Harvest added is a collaboration between a rising Korean platform called Changer.io and Harvest! In the next three weeks, the farm will be supercharged with 450,000 of their tokens being distributed in the two weeks (worth approximately $200,000) before the third week receiving a boost of 150,000 tokens. It could be further extended but from what I can tell it's only the first 3 weeks that the boost is guaranteed for. Like all of the new Uniswap V3 pools, you deposit directly on the Harvest website and deposit both CNG, Changer's token, and WETH, the standard pairing. As of right now without the iFARM emissions, it is yielding an APY of over 7000%! This will naturally fall as more people deposit but this was with almost 200k in deposits! 


Polygon Side

I am ecstatic to see continued growth and development here due to gas fees in the Ethereum network! The 4 new farms all come from the Jarvis Network (something that makes me immediately think of Iron Man) but are not yet live as of 10:30 AM EST on October 26 but look to be launched shortly. The pairings for these farms are EUR-USDC, GBP-USDC, CHF-USDC, and AUR-USDC. The first three pairings, EUR GBP and CHF are all stated as being HODL farms while the AUR farm will be auto-compounding! 


Not a lot of details have been released by either platform yet so I am not sure what AUR even is. It is not Jarvis's governance token so I look forward to seeing what it is. Autocompounding is something that we have not seen yet in the Polygon farms so it is really nice to finally see that occur! 


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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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