Harvest Finance: Launches NFT Incubator Arm!

Harvest Finance: Launches NFT Incubator Arm!

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 1 Oct 2021

The NFT market continues to thrive and expand against many doubters! With Harvest continuing to be on the cutting edge of the DeFi space it only makes sense that they would move into this realm as well as their others. Something that I must say though is that NFTs are not really part of Decentralized Finance but the market and how it is doing go hand and hand together. 


For any artists that partake, they will first have to pitch their idea to the community and this is something that would occur on the Harvest Finance Discord. Any artist that is selected will get the benefit of hitting a fairly large audience right off the bat! With over 80,000 followers across social media platforms, Harvest has a pretty nice reach that can then further permeate. The NFT's will be located on the Ethereum network on the OpeanSeas NFT platform. Along with your NFT being broadcasted to 80,000 people you also have the ability to have your user name tagged so people can in turn follow you! Harvest will provide the link for the NFT auction as well as help with any issues one might run across trying to mint their NFT and get it transferred to the incubator wallet which could really help out those who are new to creating NFTs! 


When an NFT is selected it will be featured before the auction starts on Harvest social media pages. Half of the proceeds from the auction will go to Harvest while the other half goes to the NFT creator. This could end up being a huge income stream for Harvest and would be able to increase the value of their governance token FARM. There are requirements for the art. Besides being high quality they are supposed to be Harvest-themed and in 2D/3D format as of right now. Artists will also get assess to a private discord where other incubator artists will be so you can discuss various topics with them!


Currently, there is not a timeline for how often the releases will occur as that will depend on the response. What is really great is that those who earn the initial Harvest and Friends NFTs will continue to get rewards! After the initial ETH distribution occurred it was discussed that there could be future ETH dispersals and this is how they plan on doing it. The NFT holders will receive 20% of the 50% Harvest receives with the remaining 30% going to the Harvest Incubator Operations fund to keep the project going! 


I really like this idea as the initial upfront cost might seem like a lot to the artists however it is a huge jumpstarter for a brand new artist who might not have a following at all! Harvest is collecting just from the first NFT not any of the other ones an artist may create and mint! Again with how well the NFT market has performed and with more companies and sports leagues moving into it, there is a huge opportunity for Harvest to capitalize by launching NFT artists! This could even result in more people becoming familiar and utilizing the platform I mean there is just good news across the board with it!

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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