By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 14 May 2021

Yesterday afternoon I stepped out of my office building and went to the Congressional Vaccination location for my second COVID shot. Due to my precarious health problems and consulting my medical team it was highly encouraged for me to get the vaccine. I was initially hesitant until I talked to the neurosurgeon who saved my life not only once but twice. Since I would not be here without him he has my full confidence.


I have been fortunate in that most of my office was already vaccinated by the time it was my turn. Actually only 2 of us where not fully vaccinated the rest of the staff and Congressman had already been. The first shot was a piece of cake. The only issue I had with it was the next morning the arm I got the shot in was stiff but it quickly loosened up.


This second shot that I got yesterday has been an entirely different animal. A couple hours after I got it I began to feel crappy nothing particularly stuck out I just overall felt bad. Last night my fusion in my neck began to ache and has not stopped since. The headaches have been not fun but manageable. The worst thing that has been going on though is the huge flare up in my restless leg syndrome. Holy crap have my legs ached bad but nothing has really helped. 

I only lasted 15 minutes at work today and the 10 minute walk took 25 today when I left. I am hoping this dies down some tonight as it’s been roughly 30 hours now. I never had COVID but this vaccine has horribly reacted with my body. On the upside though I am now fully vaccinated and I will be able to stop wearing a mask around all the time! Thank you CDC for finally letting vaccinated people have 

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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