FORTH Windfall!!! Thanks Publish0x!

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 22 Apr 2021

If you have not already seen the annoucement that Igor posted here it is! I have to admit that while I like and see the logic and idea behind the idea due to high gas costs on the Ethereum network Ampleforth has fallen to the back of my mind. I have been taking the AMPL I earn here and converting it to KuCoin or KSC. With them launching a blockchain soon if it has half of the success of Binance that will be amazing. 


When I saw Igors post though I did not expect much with my FORTH rewards. Earlier this morning I had actually completed the FORTH quizzes that were on Coinbase so I was at least sort of aware that Ampleforth had been up to something. I had previously sent my AMPL to two different locations before the KuCoin partnership was live so I have been able to so far claim part of the FORTH I have earned. If you had sent your AMPL to an exchange directly from what I have read you are not able to aquire any FORTH.





How much did I recieve you might be wondering? I recieved 148 FORTH. When I saw this I almost lost my mind as that was a huge sum to me dollar wise. At the time I first saw it FORTH was right around $50 a token meaning I had reciveed over $7,000 USD! When looking over the point system that was used by the AMPL dev team I found out one of the key reasons why I had aquired so much. This reason was the weekly "intereactions" I had with the network. Each interaction was worth one point and each time I or anyone else held for a negative rebase you also earned another point. This rapidly added up and that is how I managed to pul it off! I have diversified some of the FORTH as I was extremely heavy on FORTH but have not yet really picked any assets with the market going down. 


For right now I have just moved into both cash on Coinbase and DAI with a little over 38 FORTH still! This was by far the biggest win I have ever had before financially and I was extremely happy to see it. I have heard from so many people who would use a netowrk once or twice and get an airdrop that caused their portfolio value to skyrocket and it was really cool for that to finally happen to me. I hope many of you also benefitted from this and were able to secure a nice bag! With the crypto market down and the value of FORTH still up overall the conversions are a nicer looking than in a full on bull market! 

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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