First Drop of the 2022 Season Incoming!

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 7 Apr 2022

Candy Digital is posed to be an up-and-coming powerhouse for the NFT realm for professional sports. Backed by the founder of Fanatics they have already disrupted the sports card industry with the capture of both Major League Baseball's NFT collection and its physical cards starting in 2026. Last year there were two different drops for Candy's MLB NFTs on their platform.


The first was the Icons packs which focused on the players who were voted to the All-Star Game and the second was aimed at the Top 30 Prospects of baseball, one from each team, in the Icon Uncut packs. Packs were sold for $50 apiece and I was able to purchase 6 of the Icon packs. A couple of months later I resold one of those packs for $1,200 USD paying for all of the other NFTs I had purchased on the platform! 


Earlier this month Candy that the ICON packs were going to be broken up into four subsets they called lineups that would be released in April, May, and June. The first of these releases for the first subset, Lineup One, is coming up on April 12th!


Each of these subsets will have two drops a week apart from each other. Each drop will contain 60,000 packs resulting in 120,000 packs for the first Lineup. Lineup One contains 180 players from all teams including massive stars, up and coming stars, and highly touted rookie players! Like last year there will be five levels or rarity with each level building upon the previous ones. With each player having a total f between 2,350 and 5,001 editions across all ICON pack releases for the year. 


When launched last year the number of packs was much smaller however you could only purchase them in the US or Canada. It was announced earlier this week that a slew of people from international countries would be able to participate in this drop and all future drops as well. This means that getting packs will be just as challenging as it was last year. 


The newest feature I am pumped to see added is dynamic stats which will be viewable on both computer and mobile devices! Every day the stats will be updated so you can track the performance of the player whose NFT you have! Keeping in touch with the baseball card feel to see this feature you have to "flip over" the NFT to see it on the back! 


I am ecstatic that baseball season is back and hope everyone has a fantastic Opening Day! The count down for these packs has begun and boy oh boy do they seem like they are going to be a fantastic building block as Candy develops more and more baseball NFTs! 


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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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