Brave Rewards: Houston We Have a Glitch

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 21 Apr 2021

Brave seems to be having a little bit of an issue with their pending rewards function. While this is not new they for the last few months had really seemed to hammer it out and it had not been acting up. I have made sure to keep my Browser to really try to prevent any bugs from popping up and for the most part that has worked out well. The last two weeks though that has definitely not been the case and below is why




As much as I would like to believe I was able to earn 111 BAT in less than two weeks lets be honest it is not possible with the ads reward program. When this popped up I figured it would correct itself soon enough and later on that day it went back to roughly 1.7 BAT where it should have been. Now fast forward to today and well more issues.




This is also not correct. As of this writing, I have had 185 ads this month which had put me in the over 2 BAT range, not the 0.05 BAT range. Luckily the Brave team has been really good at fixing these issues in the past but just in case I have also kept screenshots. I would assume that by tomorrow morning the Browser will either have an update or will just automatically fix itself. 


Not the world's biggest issue of course but its still an annoyance to have to keep an eye on. Free crypto though is free crypto and especially with BAT finally getting the appreciation it deserves it has really appreciated in value from the $0.20 it was just last year! While the true value is still being squared away above a dollar a BAT blew me away especially with how fast it had risen. 


Hopefully, no one else is having issues like this but if you do just know the development team is very quick to fix these issues and can always be contacted on the brave community page!

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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