Brave Officially Finds a Partner in the Biggest Country in the World

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 19 Sep 2023

For most of my life China was the world's most populous country and with that label came economic clout. This year we have finally seen China dethroned by another country, India, to become the most populous thus resulting in an economy that is growing and growing rather quickly. Brave Browser this year has had to strictly enforce its BAT rewards programs and will soon be sunsetting the option that allowed people to unofficially earn BAT without being connected to a custodian account. 


Having to be connected to these limited options has caused a whole host of complaints by users but has been a requirement that every regulator has required. For a while, it did seem that India would be joining other large countries like China at the end of BAT rewards. Luckily it was announced a few weeks ago though that Brave believed they would have a fix or partner in place to address this before the sunsetting of vBAT. Finally, we have the announcement of the partner for Brave India people to link to.




Now to be honest I have never heard of ZebPay or really know the pros or cons of it but what it does ensure is that a huge market remains open for BAT. While I do not know for certain it does appear that this ZebPay option is only available for those in India so if you try and use ZebPay from another country like Gemini, Uphold, and Bitfly it will not work. From what Brave has posted about ZebPay it does seem to be a good play for India as it is the oldest crypto exchange with 7 million downloads. 


I have my fingers crossed since it is my understanding that there are a number of European countries that still do not have the ability to connect to a custodial account and earn BAT. Maybe with EU crypto regulations coming together, this will change and those in the EU who do not already have the ability to earn BAT are able to. 





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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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