Brave Browser's Positive Rewards Update

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 12 Apr 2023

Even though it is only the 11th of this month meaning there are a few more weeks to go I could not help but notice that my estimated BAT tracker on my homepage was considerably higher than I have recently seen it. I knew that I had been using my computer much more so far this month since the House is in Recess but still, when I earned 3.87 BAT in March and I have already earned 3.96 BAT this month I knew something had to have changed. 


It was then when I went and checked the blog I saw that they had a new post that was covering their ads feature. Since I am not in advertising nor ever needed to interact with that type of thing, I had no idea how advertising worked and this post helped shed some light on this topic. Previously, it turns out Brave was very centralized in that it had a direct sales team that handled the companies that wanted to advertise and really vetted them. You had to work with this team which in itself would be a limiting factor since one person can only handle so many clients. To address this issue Brave has Beta launched a new service that allows brands to self-launch ad campaigns. 


Brands who wish to participate must spend a minimum of $1,000 for their campaign and pay this amount upfront in either USD or in BAT. If a campaign is purchased in BAT then the brand will receive 50% off. This in itself is a huge move as it means that now brands and companies will be interested in purchasing BAT if they wish to advertise to get that discount! Adding in the feature and incentivizing brands to participate in the BAT ecosystem further helps drive demand and doesn't make it so it is always Brave that is buying back and distributing BAT instead the companies are taking part in it. The barrier of entry is also pretty low especially if you consider paying in BAT since it would only take $500 worth of BAT to launch a campaign. 


Now I do not know for certain if this is part of the reason why I have seen such an increase in ads or if I have really just gotten lucky. The theme for the ads as well really seems to be falling into either blockchain games or privacy protection products like NordVPN and Cloaked. I have seen other ones to like a couple for Koinly since tax season is in full swing but honestly, not as many tax-focused ads as I would have expected. Overall the mix has been pretty decent and so I am optimistic that this will further help drive some action in the Brave ecosystem. Enticing others like with the discounting campaigns is a fantastic thing to draw people into the ecosystem. 


While my exact question about the increase hasn't been completely addressed this development along with the recent rebound in crypto seems to be propping up the advertising space during a time in which most companies are decreasing their spending on advertisement. Only time will tell if this will work the way that Brave wishes but it definitely helps cut down on the human workload since the only thing that a Brave team member has to do is review the ad as opposed to doing everything! Fingers crossed I can claw my way back to the 5-7 BAT months I used to pull with regularity! 




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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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