Brave Browser's Continued Enhancement with Privacy-Based Leo

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 14 Apr 2024

The beginning of the year started with a bang as Brave released a ton of updates for their Brave Browser touching on practically everything across the board. This type of pace of course couldn't be kept up so it was not surprising that March did not have any blog post updates. Following the Brave team on X showed that they were participating in various hack-a-tons and other privacy-enhancing events including those that dealt in AI. Even though we are less than two weeks into this month we are starting to see the payoffs with their recent announcements. 


Brave has finally completed its offerings loop as not only is Brave Leo on Desktop and Android but it has finally come to iOS as well. While BAT is still not available on iOS due to the Apple Store restrictions it is an important reminder that the Brave team is not forgetting about iOS and will continue to innovate and grow its abilities. I have been using it personally and I have to say I love its ability to create real-time summaries for websites and translate pages on my personal phone! This is all backed with the Mixtral LLM as the default which is a huge touch!


The second announcement from them I found rather interesting as they have now integrated Leo into Brave Talk. Now this is only available for the Brave Talk Premium users but it is something that I not only find interesting but surprised about. This is not yet available to iOS users but is available don't he other platforms and can take transcriptions and summarize them, create clean meeting notes and task lists, and even generate follow-up questions amount more! 


We have seen recent growth in this area from various AI companies so it is nice to see the Brave team paying attention to that and acting accordingly. Handling logistical tasks, especially the note-taking part of a meeting is important allowing people to stay much more engaged in the meeting rather than try and juggle tasks. Here is a picture they posted of it in action which appears to be pretty fantastic looking!


Leo summarizing a Brave Talk call


Overall these recent additions to Leo have been fantastic! With crypto rebounding (at least until the numbers report on Friday and then the Iran attack on Israel) I am looking forward to seeing more development within BAT itself. It was just a year ago that we had a ton of DeFi partnerships and in January select Brave users were able to finally get rid of Uphold and Gemini and go full self-custody on the Solana chain. Fingers crossed more and more of us can make that jump in the coming weeks! 




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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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