Brave Browser on iOS: Updated but Still Lacking

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 13 May 2021

Towards the end of last year Brave Browser iOS users were informed that Apple decided that the BAT rewards violated the App Store rules and because of this they had to either remove the rewards function or the app would be pulled from the store. While Brave tried to figure out how to create a work around I was fine with them removing the rewards. When they removed the rewards they also informed people that the ads would remain unless they decided to turn them off. Since I really believe in the privacy features in the browser and want it to continue to grow I was fine with ads appearing and not being rewarded for them. After all if I used another browser it would be really the same thing.


On May 6th Brave announced the newest feature to its iOS app and sadly it was not rewards returning. The update though is something I have not thought of needing or using before in the app and I look forward to testing it out. It is called Brave Playlist and it follow in the same vein as Brave Today which is a privacy focused new stream. Brave Playlist allows users to accessed saved video and audio content from different platforms the focus here is for those who are commuting to have an easy catchall of all of videos, podcasts, etc. that one could want. 


Different platforms that this works on include Youtube, Soundcloud, and Twitch among others! One big one that is missing that I hope they are able to add is Spotify for their huge library of podcasts. This is due to it being a media delivery service which are currently not supported. Something that stuck out to me was that if you save Soundcloud music/audio to it you can enable background play. At least for my Soundcould I have to keep it open to to the app to be able to listen to the music so being able to go around that issue is amazing!


I really feel like I do my part with seeing countless ads on my iOS device for Brave and while I am optimistic about BAT rewards being reinstated on iOS devices I have no idea when that could be. I hope that when the Brave Wallet comes out itself it will allow for iOS Brave distributions. Especially since I have to use my phone so much even with much lower payouts I would do fairly well! Brave though has not really been to upfront about its developments in this realhm and so who knows if it would take a month or 2 for this to finally happen. 

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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