Brave Browser Announces Slight Delay's with Payouts?

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 6 May 2021

This morning I decided to check the Brave Community page to see if any comments had been made about the Altcoin pullback and if it would adjust the payout. Instead of what I figured would be the classic announced status page but instead well it was a little bit different.



While I appreciate the transparency about the delay that could be facing payout why did they decide to do infrastructure maintenance during the payout period? It seems like a pretty big thing to overlook and it is not like people are going to be happy about the announcement. Instead, this just causes people to be further frustrated and upset with the development team behind Brave which is disappointing. The product they have put out is amazing it is very good the browser is safe and much more secure than most other ones. However, when you advertise about paying people for their attention to ads and then mess with the payouts it just is not the smartest thing to do and something that could be easily avoided. 



Even several hours later after initially seeing the first post, this thread was attached at the bottom and payment processing has still not started. With it being 4:30 EST at the time of this writing this is pretty disappointing for over half of the day gone and still it processing has not started. It has also been 6 hours since the last update about when it will start besides being told payments would start today. 


If it does not start today does that mean there is some fundamental issue with the browser making it much less secure? Or rather is there an issue with the amount of BAT that they had estimated to give so far vs what they will be able to distribute based on ad revenue? 


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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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