Unique opportunity to generate passive income with Dash

Unique opportunity to generate passive income with Dash

By Bkcruzade | Christyan Calderin | 18 Jun 2021

Good morning community, in these months of great nervousness in the markets I have found what for me is a great offer, for years Dash has been one of the most solid currencies on the market, reaching over $ 1000 at this time its value is between 150 and 200 $, this being a great opportunity to earn money with this coin.

Like many other currencies, it needs nodes to function that can be acquired in different ways and earn income without much work, of course acquiring a node can be a great investment since it takes 1000 Dash to acquire it.

That's where Stakecube comes in. This page offers among its options the possibility of obtaining parts of a node, this option is called Shared-Masternodes, that is, instead of buying the 1000 Dash, they divided the value of the node into 4000 Shares that are offered, Each one has a value of 0.25 Dash, a great saving, when the entire node is covered by the holders of Shares, it is put to work and generate income according to the amount it owns. At this moment there are 15200 Actions available from 5 nodes that have not yet been activated, if like me you are seeing the potential, do not miss the opportunity.

Also, as I explained in a previous post, this page offers other options such as Staking, interests, nodes, its own faucet and they are continuously adding new currencies and developing good alternatives to generate income.

Here is my Link and I hope you get your financial freedom.


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