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Conditioned for dishonesty

People growing up and alive today in the world are bombarded by dishonest messages, from most everywhere.


When we see prices in stores, we are used to seeing the "x.99" ninety-nine cents tacked on to the end of whatever price we're looking at, in smaller type than the dollars amount, and this is a form of mental manipulation that people are conditioned to, where someone a while ago decided that humans are more likely to buy something if it costs $8.99 rather than if it costs an even $9.00, because 8 is less than 9, and if they make the 8 really big and the .99 really small, then humans are more likely to lie to their self and choose the $8.99 product over the $9.00 product, thinking they are getting a better deal.

Gas stations take this a step further and advertise their prices with a '9' in even the 1/10 of a cent position, so that when you're paying $3.29 a gallon, you're actually paying $3.29 and 9/10 of a penny, which the computers are programmed to always round up to the next cent, so in actuality, you are paying $3.30 per gallon.


Another place where guys are conditioned by society to be dishonest is when they're using the bathroom.  Even if you don't do anything that makes your hands dirty, if you walk out of the bathroom without stopping at the sink to wash your hands, everybody else in the bathroom is going to mentally perceive you as dirty.  But if you stop by the sink, turn the water on, and dry your hands afterwards, this social stigma won't be charged against you.  


When America elects a president, there is a red team and a blue team, and they each choose their most polished liar, and then they pit then in a months-long battle against the other team's champion, and whoever tells the smoothest lies and performs the slickest character assassinations against their opponent, and survives the assaults from "the other side," they get put up for four years as this nation's leader, and then nobody actually expects them to keep any of their campaign promises, because everyone already knows that they just say what they say to get elected.


Rather than voting for some person whom people think is a great leader, people vote en masse against the person that they believe they really couldn't stand as their president, and they accept the best that "their side" has to offer, just as long as the demonized person from "the other side" doesn't get into office.


When people ask each other, "How are you doing?"  Almost nobody actually is asking this question sincerely, and almost nobody actually responds with an actual answer to explain how they are really doing, but instead, most people just say "good" or "eh" rather than answer the question with a full sentence or more.


I have noticed that the people who generally say things like, "To tell the truth...." and "I swear...." usually are not in the habit of telling the truth, and their words cannot be trusted.  Similarly, people who use all-encompassing statements like, "You always...." or "Every time...." generally do not put much value in matching their words to reality, and they are very comfortable with saying and hearing inaccurate statements.


When people sell a car, the common worldly way of "business as usual" is for the seller to leave certain spaces on the title blank, to let the purchaser fill them in, so they can decide how honest they want to be.  If they write that the car was sold for less than it really was, they can pay less taxes.  Officials who work at the title registration office will also recommend that people do this, to avoid fees.  It's just what "everyone" does.


When building with regular construction materials, most people have used a board called a "2x4," and most people realize that it's not really "2x4" anything, but in actuality it is 3.5" x 1.5."  If you go to the store and ask for a "2x4," you will get one of these 3.5x1.5-inchers, unless you specify, "I would like dimensional lumber," telling the person that you actually want the thing that the words coming out of your mouth are declaring.  Otherwise, they assume you want something other than what your words are declaring, because it is what they are used to everyone else wanting when they say "2x4."


Similarly, there are no square-shaped "squares" on a construction site.  If you ask for a "square," you'll get a triangle, which is half a square.


When a store offers a "buy one get one free" deal, it's not true.  They are selling you both things, for what they call the price of one, and they are making profit.  


When a so-called "Christian" radio station tells you about a really special thing that you can receive in exchange for a donation of $50 to their "ministry," this is a lie.  If it is a thing which is received in exchange for giving money, then that money is not a real donation, and that thing was purchased for a cost.  They won't mail you out that thing if you don't give them $50, and you wouldn't send them $50 if you wouldn't get that thing, so why call it a donation?  Because these charlatans are trying to look like the Christian church, but they are compromised by the ways of the world, and they want to jump through the hoops that they think are necessary for their "ministry" to flourish, which includes calling payments "donations," so they can keep their "tax-free," "non-profit" status.


We are living in a society which is shrouded in lies so thick that there is no hope for most people to ever actually believe anything with certainty, because they are continually finding out that the things they've been told or led to believe simply are not true, so many peoples' hearts have grown cold and doubtful about everything.


God tells us in the Word that as Believers in Christ, we are made to believe all things.  This is the natural way of life and growing up as a human being created in the image of God.  As little children, we believe whatever our parents or guardians tell us, until we find reasons to stop believing them.  A grown up could tell a little person, "There's a monster in that closet over there!" and scare that child with that declaration, and then totally forget about it in a few minutes, but that child could be traumatized if they continue to believe that, and every time they go near the closet, their imagination will hurt.


There are many people who claim to believe in God, but they don't actually know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, or they think that Jesus is just one of many options to choose from, as if the Bible is just another holy book on a shelf with other holy books.  Part of the problem in our society regarding this is due to the fact that there are so many versions of the Bible, that people can easily decide that there simply is no way to tell which one is the correct one, thereby releasing their consciousness from any implicit or explicit responsibility to the absolute truth which is found in the Bible.


The fact remains that I have been reading the KJV for most all of my life, and I have found it to be reliable, and most people who read it faithfully would say the same thing, and I have almost no reason to ever open another translation of the Word, because every time I open my Bible, God meets me there.  Why should I seek elsewhere?


This being said, I have seen Pastors and others who read from several translations, usually the same ones consistently, whose lives are evidentiary of a life lived following Jesus Christ and keeping His Word.  The Word tells us that we will know people by their fruits, and Christians are known by their love.  


People have found God after finding one scrap of one page of the Bible with just one little verse on it.  It does not require a theology degree to know God, nor does it require someone to know the whole Bible, but it is imperative for the student of the Word to know the Word they are studying, and I attest that the KJV Bible is the consistent, inerrant, life-giving written Word of God, and even though some people say it's difficult to understand, I have heard scholars point out that it is written at a modern-day 5th grader's reading level, and once you get familiar with the Olde English style, you'll find that the pronouns are the most consistent throughout, and the Book is easy to understand.  Unless, of course, the Holy Spirit has darkened your understanding, then you need to go to Him in prayer and ask Him to reveal His grace and truth to you.


There are more resources for the King James Bible than any other version, and it is a product of the oldest English translation.  There are other translations, such as the NIV, which sound really similar to the KJV, as if it's just an updated, more-modern way to say the same things, but when you examine it closer, you can see that the NIV and some other bad translations have corrupted the Word of God, and have polluted what it says about God and Who He is.  There are entire verses that simply do not exist in the NIV, but they acknowledge that they removed them because the verse numbers are still there, matching the KJV, and they'll just skip over a verse, so it might go from, say, verse 22 to verse 24, and there is no verse 23, in apparently over 40 different verses throughout the NIV.


When a new translation is being produced, according to the laws, it must be something like 40% different than all other existing versions for it to be granted a copyright.  The King James Version is the Word of God, and nobody has ever seriously argued to say that it is not the Word of God.  If it was the Word of God at one point, it will always be the Word of God.  God does not change, even though the world does.  If every translation that exists must be at least 40% different from any other existing translation, you can do the math, but it doesn't take a math genius to see that before long, you will have something which is no longer the same book as it is supposedly a translation of.  Maybe you could write one book that is 40% different, and it will be similar, but then the next book and the next book and the next books all have to be 40% different from each of the others, and by the time there are more than a few, it is certain that the same things are not being said in any of the later books, as is being said in the original.


For those who really want to know what the original manuscripts said, there are tools.  Concordances, lexicons, and commentaries are great options for those who like to refer to reference materials, and there are plenty of online resources that help really dive deep into the etymology and meanings of our ancient Book.


In a world where we are hearing lies all the time, and in a world where we are expected to be telling lies all the time, the most suspicious people become those who are the most honest, because in the world's perspective, there are no honest people, and if you appear to be honest, then you must be hiding something, and the more honest your claims appear to be, the more suspicious many people in the world will grow.  It is good to be hated for our honesty, as Christians, and it is especially good if, when the world puts us to the test, we are found to have integrity and honesty.


Over years, I have found choice opportunities where I knew asking someone a question would produce some interesting results.  One of these questions is: "What is reality?"  In asking this question to a lot of people of varying ages over the years, the vast majority of them told me something to the effect of, "reality does not exist" or "we cannot really know what is reality."  These people have been told and they seem to believe that the truth is not something we can grasp.  When I bring up the truth, they talk about it as though it should be in "quotes," as if it's "the truth," rather that really the truth.  To these kinds of people, they fully believe in mantras such as, "perception is reality," and "there is no absolute truth."


Sadly, even though these perceptions can be easily disproven, their delusion goes much deeper than these simple statements.  I have put some people to the task by asking them simple questions in response to their assertion that there is no absolute truth.  Asking them something like, "If I were to slap you in the face right now, or if you were to fall face first on a concrete floor, would it absolutely hurt?"  And they pause and get a distant look in their eyes for a few seconds as they try to find some answer other than "yes" to give me, but then they all say "yes," looking at me and wondering what's next.  So then I point out that there is no way around admitting that this is an absolute, unchangeable truth, and they almost all have then tried to change the topic, to avoid having to verbally acknowledge that there is such a thing.


The same goes for so-called "atheists."  I haven't actually ever met a real, authentic "atheist," which is, by definition, a person who believes there is no God.  I have met a lot of people in person and online who claim to be an atheist, but then after some discussion, it always comes out that they are actually an agnostic, or something else, but certainly nobody actually, genuinely believes that there is no creator, or designer, or some "higher power," when they closely examine a few key points of truth.  But with the society we live in today, there is a threshold of comfort where these so-called "atheists" arrive at where, once they have a perspective which does not see the truth, or which has obscured the truth so much that it is no longer recognizable as the truth, then they feel justified internally to let go of any further expectation to ever really know the truth, and they congregate with others who are also lying to their own self, and they get more comfortable with this as they all lie to each other, further obscuring the truth from their vision.


When people who have lived outside of the truth meet someone who is standing firm on the truth, there is often an instant recognition of error in the non-truth-believing person's spirit, but their flesh permits them to dive deeper into darkness, to avoid the light of truth.  There are a lot of queer people who talk about having a "gaydar," and they say they can spot another queer person within a moment of seeing or meeting them.  These same people also talk about having this same kind of detection ability for what they call "cisgender" people, which is what they call people who have so far apparently remained unpolluted from the whole LGPTQPAIR* deception, and are "straight."


No straight person calls their own self "cisgender," this is a vocabulary term made up by the queers to describe people who are not one of them, in an effort to get them to take on this new identity, and thereby declaring their self to be an "ally" to the LGBTQPAIR* brigade.  Similarly, no straight person calls their self "binary," but there are a lot of queers who call their self "non-binary," and other people "binary," and they go on as if everyone just uses this terminology, but they are just being ignorant to the fact that they are the only ones who use it, because they made it up to try to trick society into believing that their delusions are real.  Sadly, their magic tricks seem to be working across the globe, because America's leaders are corrupt, and they have infiltrated everywhere that families go, and everywhere that children go, to indoctrinate the next generations with their putrid lies.


God created humans as man or woman.  That's all there is.  Male or female.  Boy or girl.  The wishy-washy hypnosis that queers let themselves get in is certainly recognizable in an instant, and it is rampant across society so that most people who are in it probably don't realize that they are feeding on the very same evil as the queers are, even if they themselves don't identify as a queer person.  Many of these so-called "trans" people will use the argument that "transgenderism is found in nature, look at frogs, they can change sex from male to female, scientists have proven it!"  What they don't realize is that they are saying some truth here, but this truth only further highlights their sin, and in the Bible we read about how frogs are actually representative of the spirit of the Antichrist.  God made humans, and God made frogs.  Humans were made as they are.  Frogs are made as they are.


See, in the Bible, in the book of Revelation, in the 16th chapter, Jesus tells us about the spirit of the Antichrist, and we learn that the Antichrist is made up of three parts, which are 1) the dragon (Satan), 2) the false prophet, and 3) the beast.  We can see here in Revelation that there is a spirit like a frog which comes out of the mouths of these three counterparts of the Antichrist:




10 And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,

11 And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.

12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.

13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

15 Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

Revelation 16.10-15





The Bible tells us that in these days, there will be a delusion sent from God, and the whole world is going to be under this delusion.


The Bible tells us that in these days, there will be a deception across the land so rampant that only a very few will be able to discern grace and truth, because only these few have done so, or care to do so.


In so many ways, the world today has been set up to be anti-truth, anti-certainty, anti-good, anti-real, anti-hero, anti-honest, anti-trust, anti-patience, anti-meekness, anti-sacrifice, and anti-prophet.  These are all Jesus Christ's.  The world is anti-Christ.




While the world is going around saying what it doesn't mean, and meaning something other than what it says, we Christians have a solid Rock upon which to stand, upon which to fall, upon which to rest, upon which to build.  This Rock has a name which is above all names, and His name is Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ is reliable.  Jesus Christ is trustworthy.  Jesus Christ is real.  Jesus Christ is meek and lowly.  Jesus Christ is our perfect Lamb Who was slain for our sins from the foundation of this world.  Jesus Christ is our friend.  Jesus Christ is our brother.  Jesus Christ is our Light.  Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and He says that no man comes to the Father but by Him.


The world is conditioned for lies.  This is one way that we can know that we have something special, because everything about Jesus Christ is true and reliable, and the further you rely on Him, the more you can rest and trust that He is faithful, and the more like Him you will become.


All the promises of God are "yes" and "amen."  God is revealing more and more each day to those who are seeking after Him, to those who are focused on Him.  While the world is doing everything it can to present an image to be distracted by, the world is also doing everything it can to hide how miserable it is to follow in its ways.  It's like an elephant trying to sweep the dirt from its feet under the rug.  It's impressive to see how much effort it takes to pull it off, but in the end, it is a complete failure.

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