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Jesus Christ

America! America!

Jesus Christ is Lord.

We are on the brink of a spiritual awakening across the globe.

This will be a time of great turmoil for many. This will also be a time of great harvest. God will speak to many people directly. Some will listen, others will disobey and perish.

The eyes and ears of many will be opened for the first time. This is an awesome opportunity to show people the light. Unfortunately, Satan knows this and has prepared for it. The world is ripe to be filled with knowledge, yet so many will accept lies from the deceiver.

Lord I pray for peace upon my family and friends. I pray that You watch their every step. God show me what I must do.

God is speaking to the world. He is causing unnatural weather conditions throughout the world yet people still won't look up.

What a blessing to be given the Word of God.

America is at a point it has never been to before. Never before has there been such a level of self-lust. The new foundations of America are constantly shifting and will soon crumble. Money will no longer hold value. Greed and lust will rule with a mighty hand. Violence among children, and corruption all around for the youth of America will be a scar that will never be forgotten.

Soon people will go to sleep at night without the security they have cherished for so long. God is calling to these people to build their house on Him, but they would rather live in misery, so long as they feel they have control.

People will soon be living the nightmare and/or horror they have put so much effort into preventing. The crying and sadness will be so that no drug/pill can cure. The gaping hole within America can only be filled with God if there is to be any hope of survival.


The more God speaks it seems America is repelled by truth. They would rather live in their cozy lies that they think will last forever, but they fail to see that their joy is already gone.

The further America pushes God away, the more they are shown the error in their actions, yet they continue to live in the sin they so desire- the very sin that is killing the nation.

America turn away from these idols of lust, money, greed, and power. They are soon to be no more than fleeting memories. Your luxurious living will not protect you from the wrath of God.

Why do you poison the very food you eat? Money is not worth that. It's as if someone has taken all good teaching and turned it upside down and you are all the more hungry for it.

False teachers, stop your evil doctrine. Turn away from the illusions you yourself have created, for your days are numbered. The Lord will surely deal with you and your kind.

O God please seal my lips if I ever have the notion to preach words from any other than You. Do not allow me to ever deceive people. Speak the truth through me at all times so that my fate will not be that of those who would twist the truth for their own benefit; their doom is one of sorrow and bitterness. Keep my path righteous, Lord, so that no man will be led astray by the words that I speak. Shut up my lips in mid-sentence, tie my tongue in knots like you have before if I start to speak out of my own faulty knowledge.


False teachers, you are warned- turn from your teachings and seek God for guidance and repent with all your heart. I pray you heed this while there is still time for you to be shown God's awesome mercy; otherwise your soul is lost.


Leaders, listen to what the Lord has to say! God looks with favor upon those of you who are fulfilling your purpose in serving and protecting the people you were given to watch over. May God bless you and your households. Keep the faith and never waiver, for the time ahead will be tough.

To the corrupt leaders of this nation and its cities, you will soon be shown the errors of your ways. Heed this and seek Godly advice on how to bring your provinces back into God's favor.

If you ignore what God has to show you, you will surely be brought to justice later on. If you don't change your ways and begin to provide for your people in a way that God approves of, you may as well live like these are your days of glory, because in the end you won't have a shred of dignity. Your "friends" will turn against you and spread lies about you. Your own family will be ashamed to even say your name.

You crooked politicians will be devoured by the very system of deceit you yourselves helped maintain. No more will you enjoy the spotlight. It will burn with the fury of God as it exposes your evil.

You are warned to begin operating in a Godly manner or you will face the consequences while you are still here on this earth, along with your eternal death.

Homosexuals, I pity you. You no longer have society to turn you from your abominations. You actually have unprecedented support from the nation you live in. You say that God created you that way, but I am here to tell you that you've been tricked. The Bible clearly states God's stance on this issue. Be done with your sinful lifestyle and experience the healing power that God has in store for you.


You go along with what the devil tells you so easily. You say that your sexual disposition is genetic. You are correct! God created you to have intimate sexual relations with the opposite sex! Romans 1:27&27 clearly states the natural way to fulfill sexual desires.

Do you not realize where the word sodomy originates? Have you never heard of the narrow escape of Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah? God completely obliterated two whole cities for their sexual deviances.

I plead with you to pull yourselves out of this horrible lifestyle long enough for God to begin working in you. Give God the opportunity to create a whole new world around you after first creating a whole new person from the inside.

God can wash you clean, but only if you accept His free gift, His Son Who died on the cross for your sins. Stop sinning right now and go to a church that teaches the Bible in its entirety, otherwise you will reap the consequence of sin, which is death.

Don't fall into this trap, and if you're already stuck- call upon God- He will help you out.

To magicians, enchanters, and spirit channelers: you do not know the forces you are dealing with. I fear that this message will fall upon many deaf ears, but to those few who are not completely lost please listen.

You may think that you have control over the spiritual realm. You are gravely mistaken. It is Satan, the great deceiver, who has control over you. He has such a grip on your life and he won't let go easily.

Please find a minister of God to deliver you from this bondage. If you are just beginning to delve into this world of trickery, get out while you still can! Run away from it like you would an approaching army, for it will destroy your life far more than any human force can.


Your soul was given to you by God, the Creatotr of all things. What you're doing is telling yourself that reality should conform to fit your needs and desires. What you don't/can't see is that these evil forces are changing your desires to allow them into your reality.

You have not found anything new. These spirits were present long before you were conceived. What makes you think that you can harness the powers of Satan or God? If it were not such a serious matter, you would be the laughingstock of the world for thinking such a thing.

Your destruction is certain if you continue down this crooked path. There is no need for God to curse you any further than you have cursed yourself. You will surely be in Hell's grip for eternity.

If you are fascinated with the dark spirits you will perish, so I plead with you to leave all sorts of witchcraft, magic, psychic powers, channeling, and trickery. I urge you to seek the Source of power: God, Creator of the heavens and the earth and all things within. Then you will laugh at your stupid self-destructive past.

Parents, the Lord has given you blessings beyond your comprehension. Trust in Him with all your heart and you will lead by example. The love that God has shown you will shine onto your children so that they may see how to live a Godly life. Do not hesitate to discipline, whether it be harsh or soft, for the Lord commands it.

Do not allow your children to become the parent. Guard their ears and eyes and mind as best as you know how, for the evil one is seeking to destroy this generation and he has help from many arenas. Read the Bible with your children and don't be afraid of their questions- the Lord will give you Godly advice and it will be a learning experience for both.


Teach your children the values of abstaining from premarital sex. Don't make diseases and pregnancy the deterrants; instead show them that God intends us to have sex only with the one we marry. Tell them how He will bless those who wait until marriage to share this wonderful experience. They may say that that's an old way of living, so remind them that God never changes even though the world does.

Show them how to live without the motivations of this world.

The whole message regarding your children is this: seek God's guidance on a continual basis and realize that they listen much more than you will ever know.

Children, listen to your parent's teachings, even when you think they're wrong. They have been given the awesome responsibility of raising you up in a Godly manner.

Realize this: despite your attempts to be independent of your parents' counsel, they will always try their best, so long as they trust in God. Whether or not they are right in God's eyes is not for you to decide. Your primary responsibility is to listen to their guidance and obey their instruction.

Young people, listen and understand! You are the focus of a very vicious battle being waged. Your hearts and minds are up for grabs unless you protect them with the Word of God. Be very very careful of the heroes you idolize and the performers you model your lives after.

The age old rhetoric of how songs influence you has never been more true. There is a tune being played not only by musicians, but also by the movies you watch, the games you play and the shows you watch.


There are so many ways to corrupt a child's mind in this day and age. Please guard your eyes and ears and mind against all evil. This does not mean you must sit in your house and do nothing, but take a minute and really think about the whole message being delivered by media giants. They don't care about you. They are driven by money.

Even activities deemed safe for the younger audience should be scrutinized for immoral themes and questionable suggestions. Why is this nation so caught up in the rights of the American dollar over the well-being of its citizens?

If you've never heard it before, the love of money is the root of all evil. Why does a country founded on God only care about money?

God is waiting with open arms for those that would return to Him. All you have to do is ask for forgiveness for your sins and accept the fact that Jesus Christ came and walked this earth and died for you to be able to go to Heaven.

He rose from the dead three days later, fulfilling prophecy. Then He went to live with the Father in Heaven and prepare a place for you.

Lord, may Your will be done. Thank you for using me as an instrument of Your love, I only pray that I live up to your expectations of me. You have called me to spread Your Word. I asked for a clear word from You, and the past several hours you have guided my hand. How amazing You are when we allow Your will to work in our lives. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Please guide this message as it spreads. Place it in the hands of those who need it, showing all the hurt and eedy people of this world that You can do anything.

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an observer and reporter of grace and truth and love

Christian Observer Reporter
Christian Observer Reporter

Jesus Christ is Lord! This ministry is blessed by God to observe and report what is real and happening around us today, and to share God's Word among the nations, and to share the rest and contentment which comes from knowing Jesus Christ. ~ Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. 2 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep. Psalm 127.1-2

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