Hackers, scammers, and theives, what can you do to protect your assets? Authored by Ehvrin.

Hackers, scammers, and theives, what can you do to protect your assets? Authored by Ehvrin.

By Ehvrin | Ehvrin | 14 Jun 2021

Ehvrin here and yes this weekend I did change my username from Chrismoncrypto. This one is shorter and I like it better. Don't worry, I'm sticking to this one for sure. Speaking of change, security experts recommend changing your passwords every few weeks to a few months.   News headlines mention that hackers and scammers are on a skyrocketing rise since October 2020. Today I'll give you a few tips to protect yourself and your assets. In this day and age, it's good to be a little paranoid when it comes to security. As we say in the west, better be safe than sorry, and rightfully so I should add.


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This may be a simple tip but most people are too busy with work and family to think of it. Do not use the same email address you use for work for your finances, including banking, and investing platforms. Nor should you use a family-only email address. The safest email address is a new one to which you never send any outgoing emails. The reason why is you never know if your emails get forwarded to someone you know less that may not have the best of intentions. If you are at work do not leave your email accounts logged in, especially if you work in an environment wherein traffic of clients or third party personnel.  Do not open your online banking in public. Do not use public wifi for finances or even finance-related emails.

The second piece of advice is to always use 2-factor authentication on separate devices if possible. That way if you get hacked on your computer your cellphone is your other wall of defense or vice-versa. Do not overlook, postpone, or neglect 2FA it's a very powerful security protocol.

The third and last piece is more common knowledge however I will expand on it. When creating a password as experts say use a diversified combination of uppercase, lowercase, letters, numbers, and special characters. However, something equally as important is creating a strong password you can remember. Some creative ways to create strong passwords are to for example use the nickname your parents used to call you, in combination, with your pet's birth date or its date of passing. The way we remember is through an emotional connection that's why emotional memory combinations are effective. I would ill-advise writing your password on a piece of paper as you might lose it. We've seen this happen with some crypto investors but if you do decide to write it, write it on cloth it's less tearable and bury it somewhere that's not obvious within your ceilings, walls, or floors.  

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed these security tips, stayed tuned for more insights and investing tips.  


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