By KadilaK81 | Chris Kinley | 11 Dec 2020

  I just opened my LBRY app and realized my LBC wallet had risen over 200% in the last two hours!!

If you didn't know LBRY is a decentralized "YouTube" type platform in which your rewarded daily for watching videos and can be tipped in their native token LBRY (LBC) for posting videos, it's completely on the blockchain and cannot be suppressed like YouTube videos. It's the future of YouTube type apps and you can make real money immediately instead of waiting for 4000 subs and being monetized. I uploaded all my videos to LBRY that were already on YouTube and began making real money immediately!! 

Also you can convert your LBC tokens for USDC on bittrex and other exchanges now!!

  If your interested in something like this please sign up for an account using the link below!! I believe their token will continue to moon and when the app becomes used globally it will surpass the moon!!!  Make money for watching content that is decentralized today with LBRY!!!$/invite/@MULTIVERSE:d

          Thanks and Good Luck To You All!!!



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Im a crypto junkie!! XRP, XDC, BTC, XLM and ADA Investor

Chris Kinley
Chris Kinley

Hello! I am new to the cryptocurrency world, I began with my first investment into crypto assets in the beginning of September 2020. I am excited and enthusiastic toward the potential that Cryptocurrency has and the impact it will have on the way we use currency on a global level. Please join me on my journey into the Cryptocurrency world!!

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