Hoarfrost from the backyard.

It's been a long, old cold snap

By Chris Bird | Chris Bird | 22 Jan 2020

I think it's been ten days of cold. The warmest it got was -24C. The chickens got locked in with the heater on, the cats would go out one door and right in the other and I had to boost the truck twice at -30C. Oh, and our drain pipe from the kitchen froze or something. Not fun at all.

But it's warming up now.

Tomorrow is supposed to go up to almost freezing. I have taken the day off work so before my driver's medical, I will be spending a few hours under the house (trailer) trying to figure out if it's frozen or just blocked with bacon grease and the cold is making it harder. I have a 50' drain snake and it is about 49' to where it normally gets blocked. (I do this once a year.) It's only about ten feet from the kitchen sink but for some reason, my snake can't get to it. I'm assuming there is a point in the wall where someone put in a bunch of ninety-degree angles in as a fun joke.

Anyhow, that's my plan for my day off. Laying under a frozen house with a plastic tote and a snake while my wife pours hot water down the drain and I fill the tote up with it, and probably plugs of fat. Then I am going to clean up the chicken coop a bit, collect some fresh eggs and maybe hunt around for some frozen dog shit to throw over the fence.

What are your plans?

I suppose you live somewhere south of me, as the majority of the world does. What kinds of problems does the weather create for you? 

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Chris Bird
Chris Bird

Love of my wife's life, Whaleshares witness and junkie, I also have been known to plow snow. No, that's not a euphemism for anything fun. I have been known to lack a filter and call it as I see it.

Chris Bird
Chris Bird

This is where I will put my posts, old and new, and try to give this platform and honest try. Whaleshares is my passion since its inception but I am beginning to be interested in other crypto projects like Steemit (again) and Brave. I tried EOS and a few of its side chains but ended up selling all of that and bought more WLS for my projects on Whaleshares. I read about this on Scott Cunningham's list and thought I would check it out to learn more about ETH and other cryptos.

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