Are Any Of The Skeptics Rethinking Their Stance Yet?

By Chris Bird | Chris Bird | 3 Apr 2020


I remember a lot of people saying that this is just the flu and that everyone is blowing this all out of proportion. I have heard and read so many conspiracy, and general theories about who and why the virus is ravaging the world that I have lost track of who thinks what. I know that there are several sick or dead religious people and preachers whose deities did not protect them and keep them safe. Even though it was promised that they would. I have also heard that it was God getting angry about homosexuality, transgender, and liberals but then he goes and wipes out a bunch of people that worship him. Maybe they were secretly gay. He would know.

The facts are that it is up to all of us to keep protected from this and people running around, licking stupid shit to prove that it's a hoax are really not helping anything and might even get themselves killed. I don't care if you think this is the reptilian overlord's final plan or the toilet paper, ventilator, and hand sanitizer companies coming together to rule the world economy. None of that shit matters to dead people.

Even if it's true that an ancient alien race is pulling our strings, what the fuck are you going to do about it? Spend your days researching the internet to find a way to overthrow them? Apparently they built the pyramids and were smart enough to cover it up and fool the entire world except for you and a few of your friends. You may have outsmarted the old them but they have gotten a lot more intelligent and stronger in the last few thousand years since the last "evidence" was found.

Think about it. If they have that kind of power, do you even want to know about them? What good would knowing do? You can't stop them. You can't even stop YouTube from hiding your fucking videos. Just eat your McDonalds and go back to sleep until you get old and die.

I was under the impression that the UK was going with the Herd Immunity response to this virus but then, two weeks ago, they apparently reversed that decision and are asking people to work from home and avoid going out in public if they can help it. I don't know what changed their minds. Now I read that Boris Johnson has it so hopefully, he can recover and keep leading his country through this mess.

When I saw [this article]( I realized just how bad I don't want this and it makes me wonder why anybody would make light of such a horrible illness. Sure, I might survive it okay but I have had my fair share of lung problems and even though I have brought my lung capacity up from 60% three years ago to 95% three months ago, it doesn't mean that this won't befoul me for ages to come. I have two inhalers that I have to take just to keep functioning at the slower pace of my life now. I can't play ball anymore because I can taste blood from my lungs if I happen to hit a triple.

## Do I think the population needs to be thinned out?
You're damn right I do. I just don't want countless people to die a horribly painful death to get there. I was hoping it would just happen gradually like the opposite of Idiocracy. You know, where people thought about having kids and the less intelligent of the species would just know better than to pump out eleven children.

Apparently, that isn't happening the easy way though so nature will always figure out a way to "cull" the herd and lighten the load on the earth which is fine until it starts happening to you or the people you love. I don't want to see my 70-year-old mother die of something that will cause her so much pain and stress in her last moments and us not being able to be with her. That would fucking suck. She should go out pretending to have a gun so the cops shoot her down in the street. Don't worry, my mom knows how to provide for her family after she's gone. The book deal alone will set us all up, plus the wrongful death lawsuit against the police.


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Chris Bird
Chris Bird

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