Friday feeling with the betting winning

Friday feeling with the betting winning

By Fantomette | ChinDan02 | 26 Mar 2021

Good day all. Another win yesterday. We won 4 days in a row and we accumulate 129.67£ profit. Thank you all for tips. Today we have a free day. Not many games on and I don't like to rush into a bet and loose all the profits.

So far so good in our account. Tomorrow we will have some Euro 2021 Championship and World 2020 Football Qualifications. I will pick today some games and we will play more tickets. I will post 2 or 3 bets and we will go a bit risky but not with all the money. The thing is we dnt want to go all in. Better to take a day off and not bet just to have a bet on. We need to keep building the profit and play only with profit from now on.

Stay tuned and this evening I will post the tickets that I think we can win some good amount over the weekend.

Gamble responsibly and do not take my words as a financial advise.

Thank you.

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