Optimism and a Rising Dogecoin

By Chetcoinz | Chet's Crypto Journal | 11 Jul 2020

Chet Coinz here. Welcome to my cryptocurrency journey. Let's jump right in.

Today, Day One of my Publish0x crypto-journal:

I've decided to invest in Dogecoin.



We all start out small; when the first mooning of the week happened I put in $14. The memes were everywhere, TikTok was talking about it.

Immediately following my purchase came a wave of fear; I cashed out a few hours later with $14.35. I had to start somewhere, Yet I wasn't confident in the memes anymore. Negative commenters on reddit had convinced me to get out.

In the past few days I have had a change of heart...

Now I'm in it to win it. To the tune of $300. Thats 84,222 Dogecoin.

Let's hope we hit $1. 

As we gather here today on Publish0x, I'd like to talk about my crypto marketplace of choice:

To me, setting limit orders on Robinhood's crypto-platform is in July 2020 way to go. Please feel free to comment your preferred platforms below. Coinbase fees get in the way of some solid trades and nothing else has the same ease of use that Robinhood brings to the table. Sure there are crashes and it takes getting used to, but I think that Robinhood's cryptocurrency platform provides the best opportunities to buy the dips and sell the small peaks we are currently experiencing with Bitcoin and Doge without the hassle of high fee trading.


I'm predicting in my Crypto Journal that we will see another mooning of Doge sometime soon. This prediction is only based on my intuition, the quality of Doge-memes floating around and the infrastructure related to Dogecoin. With such a great wallet, who wouldn't want to invest in Doge.

That reminds me, time to go check the price and maybe buy a few more Doge.


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