An introduction to Chess Coin (CHESS)

An introduction to Chess Coin (CHESS)

By manilpwn | ChessCoin | 25 Nov 2019

Cryptocurrencies and tokens have a wide range of uses, ranging from being fully fledged blockchains with their own networks, to simply being a representation of some part of a community. Chess Coin strikes a middle ground between the two, aiming to facilitate the entry and collaboration of the cryptocurrency world with the chess one.


Anyone who has knowledge of the millennia old board game will also know of just how complex a game can get. The multiple moves and strategies available to players has been able to separate casual players from the elites. The first structured, public, tournament-style chess competition was held in 1841 in the city of Leeds, United Kingdom, and ever since then chess has remained a highly competitive game with millions the world over aiming to prove themselves and gain recognition of their skills. An estimated 605 million adults play chess on a regular basis, and the games popularity varies from nation to nation - for instance, it is estimated that 70% of Indians play at least one game of chess in a year. To put it simply, it is a persistent and large market.


Chess Coin is the token of the BrainiacChess Network, which aims to combine the complex world of cryptocurrency with the complex world of chess. Developed and launched in 2019, with a skilled team with a history in cryptocurrencies (bagstoken and Miasma), Chess Coin aims to provide players of chess with many things :

- The ability to be rewarded in online games of chess

- The ability to bet on chess matches through the BrainiacChess Network

- The ability to be rewarded by being successful in tournaments run by the BrainiacChess Network


In 1991, the global board games market was estimated to be worth $1.2 billion USD. Like everything in this world, obviously the value has inflated and expanded over time. Boardgames are a largely ignored market with reference to cryptocurrency, and Chess Coin aims to fill that void, like no other token has done before.


View the BrainiacChess Network here

View Chess Coin on etherscan here

Join the telegram chat here




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