Steem Blockchain is My Home

Steem Blockchain is My Home



The Steem blockchain is an ecosystem that evolves without boundaries, race, and discrimination. Something wonderful is taking place and everyone contributes toward his evolution.

I feel like to be in a city in construction at full speed or be in the wild west without any rules. It is very exciting to be part of it and see the value increase over time.

My determination

Since I started my journey here, I have the same level of energy, enthusiasts and is the reason I keep my level of energy high. It is an amazing opportunity we have in a place that will transform into gold in the future.

Despite the crypto bear market and the drama around the evolution of the Steem blockchain. The outcome is new solutions, communities, and people that build it to the next stage.

This is the reason my faith still increasing daily and nothing will change my mind about it. One simple answer, I love the Steem blockchain and I still believe!

DAPP development

Can you see all the development that is taking place at the speed of electrons and light beams recently? We have more value created than ever and the number of DAPPS is increasing and become better every day.

I use many of them and the ones I prefer the most is:

1. Partiko
2. DTube
3. Dlike
4. Steemit
5. Busy
6. DMania

Everyone can find a community or a DAPP that it can call home.

End of drama

The fight between Steemit and the community has increased the strength of this blockchain. Many people have left the boat and many others will leave or take a break.

The emotions can be intense sometimes like the fight between two big giants. The outcome we have is new solutions that will make the base of this blockchain healthier, stronger for the next stage of his evolution.

One thing that is important to remember we have a strong community and believers. This is strong chemistry to bound everyone like glue together to go beyond our galaxy.

The next stage

We are near to have the DEX to trade our SMT tokens and this hopefully will bring more liquidity. The best part of it the solution is building outside of the territory of Steemit.

Steemit is busy to reduce the cost to run a full node and bring the community feature soon. You can clearly see the cards are coming together to put this place in the orbit toward the moon. ;)

The next stage will be hundred of DAPPS with separated communities working separately together.


I have faith in this blockchain and is the reason I post daily and wants to grow my account to orca level for my next step. I will need to adjust my strategy and find innovative ideas to accumulate more Steem in the process.

I love to challenge myself and to see I growth every day. Steem is here to stay and it will be an awesome place to hang out in the coming years.

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