Splinterland a Cool NFT Example from the Crypto Landscape


Ownership is something great when you take the time to invest your time and energy to acquire them. The main benefit is you can receive money your way your whole life if you plan properly. It is not rocket science, you need to follow a plan and follow it like a religion.

I want to talk about an example from the crypto world that has appeared from the new trend of NFT tokens. The definition of NFT is “non-fungible token”, what a strange name!

What is NFT?

In the crypto world, you have a variety of places where you can accumulate tokens and this is something exciting! It is like being Indiana Jones and work hard to find the treasure and solve an enigma.

There is a new trend from the NFT (non-fungible token) where you have the true ownership of your assets. Every piece of cards or objects you collect on a blockchain is immutable and cannot be reproduced.

In simple terms, nobody can take back your assets and you are the owner at 100%. It is a true revolution when you think about human history.

Splinterland example

Splinterland is a game on the Steem blockchain where you have six different categories. You need to build a strong deck of cards and beat your opponents. It is a card game where everything you have is yours and you trade and sell them as you wish.

The true revolution, this game resides on a blockchain and every card is immutable and you cannot reproduce them. Those cards will increase in value and the price will appreciate over time.

Some people can even use them as a profitable investment.

Crypto assets ownership

The potential is you process the key to unlock your cards as an example of Splinterland. Nobody can steal your cards and no governments or central entity can dictate what you can do with your crypto assets.

The important point that you must keep in mind:

When you process your keys, you own your assets.

If you don’t own your keys, you don’t own your assets.

It is very easy to understand and see the tremendous potential of this technology in the crypto space.

When you cannot reproduce something virtually and your asset reside on a blockchain, you have the power back in your hand.

The NFT trend

This is something that will increase in popularity in the coming years and will only grow. It is important and cool to have the ownership from the game your play, especially if you spend a huge amount of time on it.

The true magic and potential, you own those assets and nobody can take them from you when you are on an immutable blockchain.

The gaming industry will be one of the first use cases to use it. I believe many other use cases will come to implement the NFT model in their core business.

Last word

Splinterland is an example that shows the way of what is possible to build in the crypto world. We live in an era where we can build our wealth collecting NFT tokens and accumulate them for price appreciation.

Imagine a future where your retirement can be stored in NFT tokens!

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