CC216 - Orion Protocol: The Ultimate DEX, CEX & Pool Trading Platform

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00:00 Introduction
00:51 The Orion Protocol main page
07:33 Orion enterprise
09:55 Orion protocol's ORN token
14:21 Orion terminal's main net is here
15:17 Orion's partners
16:14 About us

Orion Protocol introduction

What is Orion Protocol? What they want to accomplish is huge! You will access every DEX, CEX, and swap pool under the same umbrella.

They mention that will be the only trading terminal you will ever need!

Check right now on their website:

What's covered in this video

I explore with the information available on their website what is behind the mysterious Orion Protocol. A powerful crypto trading platform that is coming on the pipe.

Sit down in your seat and check the video right now!

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