Movie Review: Polar

By Che Kohler | Che Kohler | 3 Mar 2019

Hey movie fans

I've been a little infrequent with my movie reviews of late since I've been pretty busy and I'm normally rather picky about how I spend my downtime and wouldn't just watch something for the sake of it. However, there are exceptions to the rule, if the storyline seems compelling enough or the cast is favourites of mine, I'm willing to overlook a few red flags and take a chance on something I wouldn't normally watch.

Polar, would fall into that category. While the storyline is so similar to John Wick it's as if they pay subtle homage to it, but instead of totally gritty as they did with JW, in Polar, they combine it with slapstick humour to take the edge off.

What got my attention and the main reason I decided to check this movie out, was simply the fact that Mads Mikkelsen. The Danish actor has really impressed me in a number of roles in the past so I had faith in him picking a project of merit.

So enough about my decision making let's dive into what the movie is all about.

What is Polar About?

Polar introduces us the world of assassins once again but through the eyes of one of the world's top assassin, Duncan Vizla (The Black Kaiser), who has paid his last visit to the doctor and is ready to settle down somewhere quiet and enjoy his well-deserved retirement.

Unfortunately, assassins aren't supposed to live until retirement age and his pension alone would be hard to pay out. So his former employer marks him as a liability to the firm and wants him off the books before his 50th birthday.

Now forced out of retirement against his will, Duncan finds himself back in the game going head to head with an army of younger killers.

Poster for Polar
Poster for Polar - Image source joblo

What thought of Polar

First of all, the film is NOT be a movie you should take seriously my advice would be to leave your brain at the door and enjoy it for the action comedy it clearly is. This film plays out as an adult cartoon and focuses entirely on the action. There is no deeper meaning nor a deep scenario so need to worry with keeping up with character development or pesky plotlines, there is a twist at the end but it really doesn't do much for the movie.

The visuals are great, the colour palette is so good that even the use of nature is well done and appreciated. There are plenty of clichés. You can predict what's going to happen so there isn't much to look forward to.

The one positive aspect of the movie is that all the scenes with Mads Mikkelsen as a brooding hitman are brilliant, he really did his best to bring this character to life. All of which is kind of ruined by trying to give it a comic book feel by having a group outlandish villains take things over the top.

Trailer for Polar

My rating for Polar

Mads Mikkelsen in his role as Duncan was a role perfectly suited to him and he really went to town with fleshing out the character. The rest of the cast are just cannon fodder and won't be remembered for much if anything.

I think Duncan is a great character and if they paid less time being comical and more time fleshing out serious antagonist we would really have had something on our hands. Alternatively, they could have opted for the passing down of the skills to the younger generation storyline too but they left that hanging which I felt would have been another pretty strong concept to flesh out.

I wanted to like this movie simply because of Mads but I have to give this movie 4 retired assassins out of 10

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